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Ecotech Marine Coral Propagation Toolkit

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Oct 29, 2022
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A Better Coral Propagation Kit
Introducing a coral propagation and frag kit for the reef enthusiast. All the tools you need, nothing you don’t.
The Coral Propagation Kit provides everything you need to successfully divide and propagate hard and soft coral. The superior kit design and high quality materials are what you have come to expect from EcoTech Marine. Split your large colonies, share your frags with fellow hobbyists, or sell/trade them at your next frag swap.
Precision-crafted, German stainless steel tools – Functional, durable and rust resistant
Kiln-fired ceramic frag plugs – Exclusively designed for coral adhesion and use with standard egg crate frag racks
Finely crafted bamboo storage – Strong magnetic closures, doubles as a frag cutting board
Propagation Kit Contents
EcoTech Marine-designed coral frag plugs – three colors (9)
Tweezers – 6.3 in/160 mm (1)
Scissors – 5.9 in/150 mm (1)
Bone cutting forceps – 7.5 in/190 mm (1)
Soft coral clamps – 10 in/255 mm (1)
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