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Jan 20, 2008
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Soddy Daisy, TN.
To all R2R members,

The feedback forum is to be used by members giving feedback, and for both parties involved a chance to explain, defend, or solve an issue with a member. Outside comments will not be allowed by people not involved in the issue. This forum is not for rants and raves and venting. Post only facts about transactions. Any outside post from anyone who has nothing to do with the matter will be deleted by moderators. Posting of emails, text messages and private messages are allowed as long as ALL personal info (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.) have been removed from the images.

Thanks R2R Staff.
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May 27, 2012
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The seller/trader feedback forum is an important forum. It gives members the opportunity to share their experiences with vendors. This being said, there are some guidelines that need to be adhered prior to posting in the vendor feedback forum.

From the Terms of Service:

Dealer/Vendor and Customer Disputes:This forum is not intended to be a mechanism for people to vent frustrations about vendors or sales from private parties. Please settle your differences with the seller, manufacturer and dealer through the long-established legal or arbitration systems or the Better Business Bureau but not through our community. Posting of emails, text messages and private messages are allowed as long as ALL personal info (names, addresses, phone numbers, etc.) have been removed. This user agreement is subject to change to fit the communities best interest.

Someone has to interpret the above guidelines and how they apply to this forum. Ultimately it's up to our site administrator to make this decision. If you have any questions about these guidelines, please feel free to contact us.

This being said we encourage members to post feedback when they are dealing with sellers/traders.

In an effort to prevent shilling or flaming, R2R regards the posting of feedback here as one of the marketplace privileges and therefore requires that members meet the requirement of having a minimum of 25 meaningful posts and 30 days of membership (R2R supporting members are exempt from this requirement). The exception to the minimum requirements for posting feedback is if it is from a transaction in the R2R marketplace (feedback must be accompanied by a link to the thread from which the purchase was made).

Positive Feedback Threads:

Outside comments will generally be allowed. However, they may be removed if the staff feels it is appropriate. For example, someone chiming in with their own negative experience.

Negative Feedback Threads:

Outside comments are NOT permitted. The reason for this is to allow the vendor and member work through the negative experience. The staff will remove posts by other parties not pertaining to the transaction. The only exception to this is that users may post links (without commentary) to their own feedback threads with the same seller/buyer. These are the only outside party comments that are allowed.
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