Finally building out my fish room/studio



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Jun 1, 2017
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Fort Worth
So I purchased my first home just outside of Fort Worth Texas 4 years ago (turns out I’m neighbors with Melev! Ha) and it was a big time fixer upper. Fortunately with my construction business I got it up to snuff over time. This includes my beautiful koi pond which started like this


And now it looks awesome!


With that being said there is a building I have called “the pool house”, it was originally unfinished and gross but I cleaned it up and matched it to the home

Here’s what it looks like now (koi pond on the left)


This building has been storage, a gym from before I got married and gave up looking good, And a wood shop.

In this time I set up a frag system, phyto/pod cultures, qt tanks, equipment/tank repair, etc for my little grow out hobby/business I am doing.

Well I finally decided I want my garage back and with my 600w heater going off round the clock the insulated building just makes more sense. So I decided with the wife to convert it into my fish room/hobby room for us to play in. Going to have all my coral stuff out there + a drop cloth booth for photographs of items katy and I refurbish etc. will have couches a tv fridge etc, think it’ll be a step up for folks coming by to check out what I have over my garage. Now all I need to do is run a water line for my mixing barrels and transfer the equipment over.

Check it out! Just mopped the floors (put in horse stall mats for the gym era, but will be great for this!) started cleaning up and painting walls and will be upgrading the AC unit. Total fish nerd but I’m excited

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