First Saltwater aquarium 20 Long


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Jul 13, 2020
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This is my first thread ever so I hope I'm doing it right. LOL. I have kept freshwater aquariums in the past. We were moving so I when I torn down my aquarium I decided that I would do saltwater when I started it back up, and thought my toddlers would really enjoy a reef tank. So I just decided to jump into it when we moved into our new house.

1. Tank is a rimmed 20 long from that was my freshwater tank.
2. Light are just one Aqueon blue max, and Aqueon color max. Upgrading to Current USA when my budget allows it. LOL
3. Seachem Tidal 35 for the HOB.
4. One Current USA eFlux 660 wave pump. Will probably be gettin a second in the near future.
5. Aqueon Pro 150 Watt heater.

I know there are more company than Current USA for lighting and wave pumps but I just like the ease of use and set up. All my dosing and and water treatment is Seachem. I have always liked there product and it has worked for so why change. I will be getting an Aqua Duetto ATO in the future.

I know I may catch some flak but I jump started the system with CaribSea Fiji pink sand and CaribSea dry rock. Then added Imagetarium sea water just to get me started. (Have A RODI just have got it set up and no salt at the moment.) Then added a bottle of Fritz turbo start.

As of right now my livestock is two mocha clowns, one emerald crab, and 4 red legged hermits (all from my local lfs). And one coral that I got from Petco that was unidentified. I do know its a leather from the looks of it unknow on exactly what kind. I will post a picture to get opinions.

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