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Fish acclimation/bullying


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Mar 13, 2020
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Hello guys so I have a few fish in my 45 gallon tank and wanted to add more the main issue is my fish getting bullied mainly by my purple and yellow damsel fish (he chases them around and won’t leave them around when I introduced a new dart fish) the second is while that fish chances them around they go into my clownfish territory who then bite there fins off. From what I observed I saw the clownfish didn’t mind new ones as long as they stayed away it’s the dang damsel fish I tried to catch him for weeks but just gave up I can’t do it. Anyways I wanted to introduce new fish to the tank peaceful ones cromie and a dart fish (ovb ones that won’t defund themselves if attacked) I was wondering how effective is a acclimation box is or is that a waste of time and basically just be sending these fish to a slaughter. So if anyone has experience or there two cents that would be great and helpful I’m only going to do it is if they can live together but if that’s not possible I’m not risking a fishes life for my enjoyment of possible see them

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