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Frankenstein Bounce mushroom for sale- $275



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Jan 3, 2020
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I split my Frankenstein bounce mushroom over a week ago. Trying to sell either one (Both have fully recovered and are healthy)
Both are a little over 1” diameter.

Price: $275 Local pick up only

Will consider delivery in US only, but will have to charge a lot more for package and 1 day delivery.
Photos below are from today and last week after the split. The third photo is the original one earlier this year.

I split it myself with a razor blade two weeks ago. It is my first mushroom that I split myself vs naturally. Decided to go for it, after seeing one of my mushrooms take two weeks to naturally split then another week and a half to recover. The whole process took almost a month and it was vulnerable for at least two weeks.

9A6645ED-A0ED-4C82-B694-76128FE2D7CC.jpeg 26A07745-3636-427B-A1F9-BFC368FBEF38.jpeg 3EE1EA9D-4DE3-4FF2-A808-0F9FEE5A1E82.png
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