GHL Connect App, GHL Control App or my ghl cloud???

Discussion in 'GHL Advanced Technology' started by Buddah001, Mar 6, 2018.

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    Hello everyone. I’m looking for a little advice here. I have gotten my P4 system up and running. Very cool technology by the way!! I have loaded GHL Connect App, GHL Control App and saved my ghl cloud on to my IPhone 7+. I have set up the email function and it works like a charm. Even set up the text function since I use Verizon.
    The GHL Connect App does not work outside my WiFi. I can’t get GHL Control app to work or I don’t understand how to log in to it. Tried and nothing. My ghl cloud is very hard to see on my IPhone. I thought I saw somewhere that there is an app for Apple that allows you to connect while outside of your house and user friendly???
    I go camping through out the spring and summer want to try and get this part figured out. Can someone let me know how to either set up the connect app to work outside my house or if the control app is even working

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    You can certainly use the GHL Connect app from outside of your network, however you will have to configure a port Forwarding rule in your router/modem.
    For P4, you’ll port forward port 80 to the internal IP of your ProfiLux.
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