GHL Mitras LX6 Super Sale

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    GHL Mitras LX6 Super Sale


    Last of the batch: Get it while supplies last!
    Over the next few weeks, GHL will be producing the very last batch of the legendary Mitras LX6. Now the perfect chance to purchase one of the best LED fixtures made for aquariums at a very attractive price:

    All Freshwater models (LX6000 / 6100)
    Originally - $599.90
    NOW - $529.00

    All Saltwater models (LX6100HV / 6200HV / 6300HV)
    Originally - $699.90
    NOW - $599.00

    Mitras LX6 is a proven luminaire
    But is the technology still up-to-date?

    Yes! The Mitras LX6 is still one of the leading LED lights for aquariums that demand performance, functionality, and quality. Control electronics, software and LEDs to have been continuously updated over the years. Rest assured, even this last batch of LX6s will be equipped with the best LEDs currently available from Cree, Osram, and SemiLEDs. White LEDs for example have a true performance rating of at least 150 lm/watt.

    LX6 LEDs side.jpg

    Mitras LX 6300: Same LED layout found in LX 7206!
    The Mitras LX 6300 is a new model that was made for those who look to have the same LED configuration as our popular Mitras LX 7206 LED. That means, the 6300 model will include a UV channel; also found on LX 7206.

    More details can be found here.


    Please note

    Limited Stock - available while stock lasts
    A total of 100 Mitras LX6s will be produced, most will be in black and a few will be in silver/white.

    Selection of LX6 models
    Due to the large number of LX6 options, these fixtures will be special order and produced for you.

    Mounting options
    We recommend you use either our Mitras hanging kit or Mitras Flex Mount.
    SPECIAL OFFER: Receive 25% off your mounting option with your LX6 purchase.
    Place your LX6 order, then Email us the order number and mounting option you'd like. We will send you an coupon to use.

    Delivery time
    Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery

    How to order
    You may place your order at our GHL USA online shop.

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