Green vs red BTA


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Mar 25, 2022
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Victoria, BC
I am buying BTA from a tank shutdown. I liked the look of the red-orange BTAs, but left with a green the first time because he almost gave it to me. I've now fallen in love with it - it's my favourite thing in the tank, and it's happy where i put it! For now anyway.

I'm buying a pair of adult clowns from him that look like mochas. They live in a group of six red BTAs. I have a 40g breeder AIO and I wasn't even sure I wanted one BTA in this young tank, but agreed to take one and now i love it. He has many red ones, some very very big, others huddled together, and a few small lone green ones like mine was.

I'm afraid the large clowns will harass my small green BTA too much, thus the intention to get another BTA(s). Would you take a medium red one or a couple of small greens?

A fellow reefer who keeps nem tanks says the green ones are less likely to split frequently or become monstrous in size than the rose ones, which this fellow's tanks seem to bear out. All his green ones are about the same small size as the one I took home and all appear to be loners in his tank. Will green ones tolerate being near each other like the rose ones seem to? If not, they wouldn't really help me spread the love of the clowns. But of course there are no guarantees since nems do what they want anyway.

I know clowns don't have to have nems, but these ones are used to living in them and i like them. Unfortunately, I don't think I will be able to get the specific nems that currently host them.

Any thoughts?
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