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Apr 18, 2020
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Hello everyone!!

Just here to finally introduce myself as I've been more involved in the hobby but been around the forum for some time. I'm an Army veteran who's always been interested in the hobby but due to my active military time and constant deployments, I never really had time to finally jump into my first reef tank. I love everything about the ocean and have been PADI Advanced Open Water certified for a few years now. Plus the fact that I went to the Army combat diver course. I got out of active duty back in 2014 but have been working overseas on different contract. Finally late last year I decided to hang the government/military cape and decided to get my first setup.

My new setup which I'm still ordering parts for:
Red Sea Reefer 350

Thank you all for the support and this awesome community!!
Thank you for your service!

Welcome to the reefing world! Also welcome to the largest online reef forum out there! R2R is a great place to gain knowledge and learn from all kinds of hobbyists!

If you are interested I have a reefing channel I have had going this past year and nearing 1K subs! Think its been a fun little "family" I have grown and its a fun community as well to be a part of! Think after R2R, YouTube can be one of the best places to get information on reefing! Again welcome!


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