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Hello Reef2Reef from Seattle!


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Sep 27, 2020
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As said, hello from seattle!

I have been reefing for about 6 years now, I started my first reef tank when I was 18 for my high school senior project and it changed my life! I started with a 45 gallon open top beautiful already maintained reef tank I bought from craigslist and continued to make it flourish for the first 4 years. Unfortunately, from my absence when I studied at University my poor reef tank had become ridden with algae and nitrates and most of my coral had passed away. Currently I have purchased a new 13-gallon EVO reef tank kit and started to break down the old tank. I was able to clean most of my live rock and move my one special hardy clown to the new tank and so far, it is coming along great! I am really excited to get back into the hobby with my smaller tank and manage a new beautiful reef, this website has helped me many times in the past and I finally decided to join! Excited to see where it goes from here, thanks!


A reefer in need is a friend indeed!
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Apr 14, 2020
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Hi from Kirkland and welcome to R2R!!! I love that tank was my first foray into saltwater. You’re joining a great community! If you ever have questions or wanna trade corals PM me :)
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