how to catch a mandarin

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Sep 19, 2020
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They eat constantly all day long. Are you going to be able to provide food for it all day long?
Your taking it away from its natural food source and forcing it to eat something unnatural. . There is a good chance it never will. Watch its belly. If it starts to get thin it is not getting enough to eat. If it becomes concave your in trouble, as it is probably to late.
i have a ball of chaeto in the breeder basket and other algae in there, no i am not taking the food away, he does have an option to peck at the chaeto if needed. i merely want to supplement his diet with something i can feed him with.
i will also be upgrading my tank soon and the current rock in my tank will go to the fuge in the tank. the display scape will be a more minimal one so i do hope i will be able to supplement his diet
i apologise for any misunderstanding and confusion caused and i thank you for your concern
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What is the best "cleaning product" or home recipe for cleaning reef tank equipment?

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