How to get paired goby to find his shrimp after add?

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Jul 23, 2020
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Need some help here. I got an orange spot watchman goby and it's paired tiger pistol shrimp. They were doing their thing at the LFS and were for sure a pair.

I acclimated them in one of those hang on clear boxes hanging in my sump. At the end of acclimating I was removing the box from the sump when the goby freaked and jumped into the sump. My plan was to release the goby then release the shrimp near it but since he jumped I had to drop in the shrimp first. I started a little burrow where I wanted them to hang out, poured it into a cup and released the shrimp pretty much right where I wanted. It went into the rock just above the burrow. Good so far.

I caught the goby and tried to release it near the shrimp but it left the net early and headed right for the back corner of the tank, far from the shrimp, and pretty much stays in that area or at least that side of the tank. The shrimp is in the front, middle of the tank.

How do I get them to find each other again? The goby kinda just stays in the one area looking like he lost his best friend. lol They are both eating ok. Should I try and catch the shrimp with a trap and re-release it near the goby? Or leave them be and they will find each other again? Or.....?

What say you?
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