I almost saved a person today

Paul B

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Nov 3, 2010
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Long Island NY
It's pretty warm here today so I decide to get some exercise and take a walk to the beach behind my house. It's about 170 steps almost straight down and being it's kind of still winter, I have not been doing this much yet. In the summer I try to do it almost every day. So I figure I will go like half way down, take a little rest, and come back up. Every day I will do some more. So I go down about half way and I can see the beach.

I take a little break, sit down and look around.

I see this "Thing" on the sand that wasn't there the day before. I am part of this seal, whale, turtle rescue thing here on Long Island and I figure it is one of those creatures.

This beach is almost in-accessible except by helicopter or walking down all these steps.
I figure I need to get a little closer to see what it is.

I walk down a little farther knowing that at some point I will have to walk back up and I know there is no cell phone service on the beach.

I go down some more and realize it is a person. OMG. Someone must have had a heart attack, broke a leg, was overcome with velvet or is dying from boredom.

I really don't want to descend all the way down because I am not in shape to go back up.
I watch intensely for maybe five minutes to see if they move.

No movement, they must be hurt, in a coma or dead. OMG again.

If I don't get to them I will not be able to sleep thinking about what could be wrong with them.

So I head down still seeing no movement. I check my phone to see how my stocks are doing, I mean to see if I have, service.

I get to the sand and start walking. He or she is maybe 75 yards away, laying on the sand with their feet facing the water and their head facing the mountain.

If they are hurt, I will have to make it all the way up the stairs to call for help and they will have to dispatch a helicopter as there is no other way to get to this particular beach. Should I put rocks on the beach spelling out "SOS" like they do in the movies?

Light a fire?

My mind is racing. Will I have to do CPR, set a broken leg, perform Mouth to Mouth or just brush the marauding hermit crabs off of the body. I don't know but I am getting closer.

I still see no movement but it is windy and the seagulls are giving me a headache.

I get up to the person and notice it seems to be a female. She had kind of nice looking designer boots on and a down jacket with a hood fringed with fur.

Still no movement so I figure right away, she must be a run away Supermodel that is scared of the Corona Virus and wants to get away from the Paparazzi.

As I walk closer I am shuffling my feet making noise with the rocks to try to stir the person.


I inch right up to her and yell, "HEY ARE YOU OK? ".

She quickly jerks her head up and says, "Yes, I am Fine, I must have fallen Asleep".

I wanted to say, "Are you like Sleeping Beauty and ate a poison apple that made you fall asleep on the rocks and sand of a deserted beach with your feet near the water or are you some sort of Mermaid that thinks you have ich?

I didn't ask and just said, "I am glad you are not dead because I can't carry you up all those stairs.

And I left. But tonight I will sleep knowing I almost saved a Supermodel and walked up more stairs than I wanted to. :cool:
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Feb 15, 2010
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Love the story.....
Well sleep really well my friend, you definitely saved me as i was dying of boredom.
I encourage you to post more of your adventures, even if it’s only about your walks down and back up those stairs.
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May 14, 2016
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Salamanca (Spain)
I thought NY had already decreed the confinement at home. Here in Spain it is going to be almost two weeks since we started. You are only allowed to go to the supermarket, pharmacy and some unavoidable jobs. People are arrested and/or fined if they can not prove they are out in the streets for any of these purposes.
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Paul B

Paul B

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Nov 3, 2010
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Long Island NY
What happened to the last picture 2' away?
I was afraid she would steal my phone and wrestle into the water, and it's cold.

Chema, Here on Eastern Long Island and even in Manhattan we are not required by law to stay home.
We are asked to stay at least 6' from each other and all our restaurants like yours are closed. But some will deliver food.

"If" we get food delivered or mail, we open it outside, throw out the box, then sterilize our hands, put the food on a different plate, wash again and eat.

Of course most of the time we cook ourselves, but here there is a movement to help keep the business in business. We have been calling restaurants, that sell bagels or pizza to deliver food to our local hospital because those people working there are quarantined and have not been home in weeks. They can't get food except a little that is donated to their cafeteria, so we try to get food to them which also helps the restaurants. Pizza or bagels are easy to share. NY is famous for bagels and bagel places are everywhere.

We try to do what we can as they don't need money now, they need food and bottled water.

There is a beach behind my house and I have rarely seen anyone there as there are a lot of steps. I go there almost every day. My wife and I take walks and if we do meet someone, we stay away and talk to them at a distance.

We also go outside and talk to the neighbors "at a distance" but there is no law enforcing this.

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