I hate to have to post this.


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Feb 10, 2019
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Evening all,

Not to stir the pot but I just ordered from MD. Hoping it is not a new change.

The last ship I got was a few months ago. It was free shipping and arrived within a day 2. It was $1100 in lights and supplies. It did ship with 4 different tracking #. I looked back on all the tracking numbers and they showed left at front door received by driver release. I didn’t sign for anything

Hope the site quoted below is correct or I guess I am taking a day off. Bummer huuh

Leaving Packages without Signature
UPS or FedEx sends tracking information to you via email. On the day that your order is scheduled for delivery, you can leave a note on the door instructing the driver to leave the package without obtaining a signature. Please note that this does depend on the specific driver and some will not leave the package. You may also contact your local UPS or FedEx office to file a signature waiver for all packages delivered to your home.


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Jul 23, 2017
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It’s hard as a company to wave a signature confirmation. On top of the fact that they pay for it, if someone takes the package 100% of costumers would call MD upset because it did not arrive. UPS/ Fedex claim no liability if stollen off your porch and if you call your CC company and say it never arrived they open a chargeback for the funds from MD.
An easy solution is to send it to one of their facilities close to your house(UPS has a bunch) and with Fedex you can ship to virtually any Walgreens which in my area, there’s one at every corner

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