JBJ 65 Flat Panel AIO


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Nov 9, 2020
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Hey everyone,
So to start I am new here but considered an amateur hobbyist (or whatever the title may be).
I started, over 10 years ago, with a 20L reef tank and most recently had a 29 BioCube. The 29 had a huge mishap and I lost everything so.. I decided to have a new start rolling into 2021. 2020 has been a mess lol

So my new build is going this route. In red will be what I am ordering and waiting to receive, black I currently have, and blue is undecided.
Tank - JBJ RF-65 AIO
Return Pump - Hydor Seltz D DC 1000
Skimmer - Cad Lights PLS-50 Elite V2
Filtration - Stock Filter Socks / Red Sea Filter Cups 4"
Chemical Filtration - Red Sea Reef-Spec Carbon / Chemipure Blue & Purigen
Bio-Filter Media - Marine Pure Gems / Cubes
Rocks - Marco Reef Saver & Branch Rock
Sand - CaribSea Aragalive Reef Sand (40lbs)
Stand - 80/20 Aluminum Custom Design 38Wx24Dx36H
Chiller - Deep Blue Kryos 1/10
Chiller Pump - Hydor Seltz D DC 500
ATO Reservoir - Trigger Systems Crystal 5 Gallon
ATO Pump - Sicce Silent 0.5
ATO Controller - Hydor Smart Level Controller
Testing - Red Sea Foundation Pro

Lights - Currently 1 AI Prime 16 HD
(one or two more will be added)
Power Control - Tripp Lite Surge Protector (with individual outlet switches)
Refugium -
CPR Aqua Fuge2 Medium (
powered with Tunze 8811 LED or Reef Breeders Refugium LED)

I have been following this forum for a long time and it has helped answer a lot of my questions and given me an abundance of ideas. Any advice or guidance will be great! Pictures of the build will be coming soon.
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