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JBJ NANO ATO issues..

Steven Garland

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Sep 10, 2016
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So I bought one second hand off of here,and got in the mail and set it up immediately of course. After installing it,I drained some out of the tank to test it..well low and behold it doesn't work.. thankfully the tank is still cycling so I tested it a few more times and nothing.

Has anyone had any problems with these so far with the sensor not working ?! Or have a trick that works ?! I have reset the system, ect ect ect. I have tried a Apex float sensor and nothing,tried adjusting the sensor height and nothing,contacting the seller and nothing. Hasn't been active since the day they sent me tracking. To say the least I tried numerous times to contact the seller with no response so I filed a claim.

I'm waiting on JBJ to see if they will replace the sensor or let me buy a new sensor.

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