Let's see some of those soft corals!!!!



Of course I have room for 1 more fish!
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Sep 15, 2015
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Hilton Head
Mind if I ask the source of your cespitularia? I picked up a frag a couple weeks back from Pacific East Aquaculture. I really like the coral. I'm still trying to understand if it is happy or not because while I expected the ends to open or close - pulse maybe is a better description similar to Xenia they sort of just wave around.

Mine looks similar to yours in the flow and seems larger. I was reading more about them and thought I read they don't ship very well but once you get them in the tank and they recover they do very well. I was thinking maybe I shouldn't have bought it but it seems to be growing.
Bit of an update, it is super healthy and spreading quickly! I do have it on its own rock and at some point will have to isolate it on the sand bed.

Hair Algae in your aquarium. Choose all that apply!

  • I've never had hair algae

    Votes: 52 8.3%
  • I Have had a little but nothing major

    Votes: 157 25.0%
  • I Have had several tough outbreaks

    Votes: 85 13.5%
  • I Have had a major outbreak that I won

    Votes: 185 29.5%
  • Have had a major outbreak that caused me to tear the tank down

    Votes: 26 4.1%
  • I am battling a little hair algae now

    Votes: 162 25.8%
  • I am battling a major outbreak right now

    Votes: 64 10.2%
  • Other (please explain)

    Votes: 10 1.6%

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