Looking to buy a new tank that fits 36" wide space


Which would you select?

  • Redsea Reefer XL300

    Votes: 1 100.0%
  • Waterbox Reef 100.3

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Feb 15, 2021
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Colorado Springs, CO
G'day all!

I'm thinking of buying a new aquarium for this space. The column is 32" so a 36" would protrude about 2" each side. But I think it'd be a nice spot for it.

I've narrowed it down to the two in the poll but I'm definitely open to suggestions. I'd like a nice white cabinet, a sump (it would be my first), an area for a refugium, room for an Apex system in the cabinet. My goal would be an SPS dominant tank, with a few interesting, maybe not so common fish.

Some thoughts I've had about each option so far

Redsea Reefer XL300
+ Has refugium divider In the sump
+ Photos I've found of the cabinet/sump area show ample room for the Apex
+ For the same cost as the Waterbox Reef 100.3 I could have a Reefer 300 skimmer as well.
- 65 gallon display volume
- 15 gallon sump (is that too small?)
- 3.2 gallon RO reservoir

Waterbox Reef 100.3
+/- 71.7 gallon display volume. + as its more than the Redsea, - as its not much more
+ 4.5 gallon RO reservoir
+ Nicer cabinet of the two, push to open and soft close hardware
- 30.6 gallon sump (is that too large?)
- no divider for refugium in sump
- Doesn't look like a lot of space in the cabinet to mount the Apex

I'd love to hear from owners of both and others who've considered them as well.


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Sep 20, 2017
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I am a reefer 750xxl owner and I am glad I went RedSea. Nothing against water box but even though the stand may be built better. As soon as I saw a water box in person I was so happy I got the RedSea. The stand just looks much better on the RedSea IMO. I like the stock sump as well as the room to add electrical equipment. I really feel that for the price the reefers are an excellent value.