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Discussion in 'Triton Applied Reef Bioscience' started by USMA36, Feb 1, 2018.

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    Ok. I had a dosing pump issue which brought my magnesium up to 1800 which killed a lot of my snails and my calcium to 800. The magnesium has dropped back down but my calcium is sill up at 650. I also cut back on bottles 1 3 and 4 I am down to dosing them only 3 times a day 1ml to keep my alk steady at 8. I am using the core7 other methods. I turned off bottle 2 which I believe is calcium. Now my chaeto is disintegrating. It’s not turning white it’s just shrinking and disintegrating. To the point it clogged my protein skimmer pump. Any idea how I can fix this? Is bottle 2 the additives for the algae bed? I feel like I’m starting to lose control and my corals are starting to be effected.

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    Depending on how large your system is a series of 2-3 15% water changes may be a quicker way of getting everything in line.
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