Mp40’s, kessil 360we’s, dry rock…


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Apr 28, 2017
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recently broke my tank down. Here is a list of equipment for sale. Price doesn’t include shipping. Buyer is responsible for shipping. I’m not looking to separate grouped items at this time. Location is northeast Arkansas

2 X MP40 quiet drives - 275$(One is 2016, one is 2019)

ecotech battery backup - 60$

lightly used DP4 - 35$

3 X kessil 360we - 550$ (includes daisy chain cords)

220 internal reef octopus DC skimmer - 200$(local pickup only, little cup has a broken tube that needs replaced or repaired possibly. Didn’t affect gunk pulling power for me)

dry rock - 300$(local pickup only, all real reef rock including pukani, Fiji, Tonga etc. not sure of total rock but should be enough to scape up to a 300 gallon IMO. Also includes a very nice show Tonga piece probably 18” or larger.

amazon 300 watt fuge grow light - 40$(used for only a couple months)

eheim 1260 - 90$

sicce adv 9 - 70$

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