Najer's zen twins.
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Jul 9, 2016
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England Earth
Thank you all for the kind words and comments all. :)
I never think of my tank as inspirational or "famous" but I am chuffed for the small amount of recognition.

From the design stage there was a plan, KISS, why does if have to be so complicated?
I have thought for years that there have to be alternative ways of doing things, my last tank, 170 litre aio, was also run with no waterchanges but it became hard work because there was a build up of unwanted nutrients.
I know I've said it before but observation is the key, imo.
I have a feel for the tank, it's hard to explain, I watch my caulerpa, it is a good indicator of where my nutrients are.

Don't under estimate the power of your corals, especially soft corals, it it grows quickly it is using up nutrients!
Anything that filter feeds is good! (Imo, that could be open to debate!)
Lots of rock and good flow.

If you think there is a problem don't panic, over reacting can cause worse problems, smaller / slower changes are generally safer.
Use the knowledge and people that are on this great forum, help is always at hand!

I guess it is nice that this inspires people but hopefully to just think outside the box a bit, each to their own, every tank is different.
Water changes are the way to go unless you can justify not doing them!

It took me over an hour to type that, ... watching the tank wake up on a Saturday morning is very distracting! ;)

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Get Fish & Corals directly for the suppliers

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