Need help Longnosed Hawkfish


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Jun 1, 2019
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okay so i had a situation today with my tank basically saltwater got on my outlet and was smoking so i had to unplug everything was off for less then 30 min long story short that situation was taken care of i check my tank perimeters and everything is within normal limits. No nitrites nor ammonia present. So here is were my problem is i get everything up and running again but then my longnosed hawkfish starts acting weird. Laying on the bottom upright not really moving i do not see any hard breathing but when he tries to swim it definitely looks odd. I know my fish and this is strange behavior for him. No outward signs of injury and he is not loosing any color in fact i thought he look strangely darker in color almost. All of my other fish are acting normal as if the incident today did not happen. I'm just worried because he was fine this morning and the only thing that happened today was the incident explained above. I have not recently added anything new and i stay on top oh my cleanings. I turned the light off it hope that it would keep his stress levels down. i posted some picture of him in hopes that would help

IMG_1951.JPG IMG_1952.JPG
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Feb 10, 2019
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Good to hear. He looks good. Love my hawk. They’re cool guys, just hanging out till dinner time.

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