1. W

    EMERGENCY Rescue anemone from LFS - what do we think?

    Alright, so we took home a (what I think may be) mini maxi anemone. It was relatively open while the lights were on, and its foot was below the sand bed. When the lights turned off, it curled up a little bit (The first time it had moved since we've had it home), and is now sitting on top of the...
  2. W

    Rescue anemone from LFS - what do we think?

    Alright, so we took home a (what I think may be) mini maxi anemone. It was relatively open while the lights were on, and its foot was below the sand bed. When the lights turned off, it curled up a little bit (The first time it had moved since we've had it home), and is now sitting on top of the...
  3. Jess Wilson

    Accidental Manganese Overdose

    I received my first trition oes icp test for my 30 gallon quarantine tank. I just made a huge mistake and put in 23ml of manganese instead of magnesium. The correct dose should have been 1.14 for 2 days. The oes icp test showed a value of 0 for manganese. But imho doesnt really help since oes...
  4. 1Matthew

    EMERGENCY Possible Velvet

    Hi all, last week we noticed signs of ich/ velvet on our mimic tang. He was scratching up against rocks .Unfortunately, that fish recently passed. The tank currently has a clown, 1 purple dottyback, and a pajama cardinal. The clown had ich around 7 years ago when we first set up the tank but...
  5. TheTruTaric

    Strange white spots and yellow dots on coral order

    Hey Guys i just got this coral order, i dont know what these odd spots are and the yellow dots. Is it a pest? safe to put in the tank?
  6. Ineedtequilla

    Is my aneome dying?

    Is my anemone dying? she looks bad Parameters: Magnesium: Not tested Calcium: 400 Nitrite: 0.25ppm Ph: 8.0 Salinity: 1.022 Temperature: 26°C The tank is about 3 years old, but the anemone was placed only 4 days ago.
  7. bTrezona17

    Blenny goby disappeared

    My blenny goby randomly disappeared in my tank and I don’t know why.I saw it five minutes before I couldn’t find it.I checked behind the tank and all around even all in the tank and still can’t find it
  8. D

    Clownfish struggling

    Have had this clown and another for a lil over a week. Was doing fine then looked like this when I woke up this morning. Parameters are normal. Any ideas?
  9. Morpheosz

    Help! Euphyllia Random Deaths

    I have recently had some issues with my Euphyllia. I had 8 in total - 6 hammer / frogspawn type, and 2 torches. My tank is a year old and over the past 3 months things have really taken off, including these Euphyllia. Growth has been very pronounced with them all showing great extension and...
  10. Linoss17

    EMERGENCY Fish sick?

    I just purchased these two clownfish but I noticed on one of them a little discoloration I’m new to the hobby and I’m not sure if it’s discoloration or the color of the clownfish it seems only one fish has it. Does it look like anything to you guys?
  11. salt creap

    walt disney acro sent with a heater pack to Fl ?!!!!

    i ordered an acro (wd) from marine farmers it showed up with a heater pack 93 degrees!‍♂️‍♂️ sooo of course its bleached but stil has some polyp action.. what do you stick guys think?
  12. Linoss17

    Build Thread Cycle

    I’m currently on my third going to fourth week of cycling and my ammonia reads .25 and nitrites is a deep purple kinda hard to tell which one it is and my nitrates is about 10-20 ppm and it’s been stuck like this for about a week. I did a 25% wc then a 50% 2 days after and it’s still reading the...
  13. Afkomjorgen

    24+ hr power outage

    Hello We lost power yesterday at around 7 due to snow storm and wind. No ETA from local power company on when we will see it back on. The tank has been covered in blankets since power went out and this morning we started employing hot water bags to float on the surface. We were siphoning water...
  14. Soilworker

    EMERGENCY Bristletooth Tang Belly up and looking bad

    Any idea what is wrong with him? I had my fish in quarantine for 78 days treated with copper. They've been in the main tank for about 3 weeks. I stupidly bought more chaeto from the LFS after the quarantine and I think i reintroduced pests. Is there anything that can be done? I'm leaving for a...
  15. nomad6

    Hammers showing signs of stress? Need help

    Got a couple of hammers showing signs of something. No changes that can be noted alk- 8.5-9 ca- 420s mg 1350+ no3- 4-8 po4 0.04-0.08 Started w one and spread and is confined to a certain area, from the pictures you can see what I’m talking about. These spots appeared over a couple of days. Was...
  16. unknown_callet

    need help please

    I have had a goldie for over 3 years and woke up to a serious wound this morning. I'm thinking he maybe got caught by my bubble tip anemone, which is a new addition but it hasn't even opened up fully yet, it has left me perplexed. Just tested the water 2 weeks ago and everything was within...
  17. M

    EMERGENCY help

    my tank crashed a while ago and i need to set up a quarantine tank immediately. would benificial bacteria be enough for my fish? They’re in one right now but the water quality isn’t great I did a waterchange about 45 minutes ago and tested the water and the nitrites still seemed to be high. Ph...
  18. A

    EMERGENCY Quick I was trying to catch ghost shrimp for fishing and I took them home in a livewell and they had babies...

    This is an urgent emergency there are tiny saltwater ghost shrimp and I cant go back to let them free for a while, I need to know how to keep them alive and raise them. I have not found anything on the web about what to feed new saltwater ghost shrimp, it is all about freshwater ghost shrimp. I...
  19. Lps_lover12

    Need help asap with Mccoskers wrasse

    On Thursday will mark 3 weeks in qt for him, has been eating good and acting normal since I’ve got it. Turn the lights on this morning and see it like this. Not swimming or anything and breathing fine (not fast or slow). Temp is 79 and salinity is 1.026. Testing amonina right now. Any idea what...
  20. T

    Is this Ich?

    I've meticulously Qt'd everything is my display up to this point using the 30 day 2.5ppm copper treatment for fish, or a 45 day fishless system for inverts and coral. 2 weeks ago I added three new additions from one of the well regarded pre-qt'd sites. Now I'm concerned I'm seeing some ich on...
  21. Julbra

    Powder Blue Tang scratching in QT - first visible symptoms today

    Hoping to get some advice on what to do next for my scratching Powder Blue Tang. Had him in QT for 21 days and did my usual Formalin treatments but belatedly realised that my Formalin bottle is over 1 year old and so is probably ineffective. He started scratching on day 9. Today are the first...
  22. RabidClownFish

    I think my tank is dying

    Almost all my fish seem lethargic this morning and are not eating So I have a 150g mostly fish setup. Couple softies but I’ve really been trying to take it slow with corals. I have three fire fish, two clowns, two bengai cardinals, a royal gramma, a bicolor Blenny, a coral beauty, and a...
  23. T

    Clownfish sick- very severe

    Clownfish is barely moving, doing flips/swimming very erratically in bursts, breathing really heavy and its mouth is white, so is its top fin (not as white). Ive had the tank for a 1 year and a half, the fish until march. There are no other fish in the tank. Yesterday, it was laying at the...
  24. educatedreefer

    Emergency! Ricordia mushrooms can kill on contact with chalice and montipora

    I have a green ricordia mushroom that’s been expanding a lot and changing it’s placement as it belongs do a sizeable mushroom garden on my sand bed. Right in front of the garden lies my yellow-eyed, red chalice frag (about 2 inches) where the mushrooms sometimes expand and has direct contact...
  25. JoJosReef

    Crocea in critical condition (?)

    Closing this post and reposting with emergency tag: https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/crocea-clam-in-critical-condition.940035/
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