1. mbmiche

    Jebao dp-4--it dumped it all!!!

    In anticipation of heading out of town for a week, I set up a Jebao dp-4 pump yesterday to dose my ab+ and "all for reef.". I have a 30 gallon nano system and dose about 4 ml of each by hand daily. I calibrated the pumps, manually filled the lines, and ran a test dose by setting the time...
  2. newreef1

    EMERGENCY Something wrong with my Blue Tang’s Eye

    Guys I need help! What’s wrong with my blue tangs eye. I see this slight bulging white silver stuff. It wasn’t prominent yesterday, I woke up and saw this today. It was in QT for 5 weeks after which it’s not in the DT, seems to eating normally, water quality is good. Did a 5 min freshwater dip...
  3. Lylelovett

    Toadstool Mushroom rotting/dying/splitting? Help please.

    Hi all, Attached are photos of my giant mushroom toadstool (that I've had for 4 years) seemingly spontaneously dying? Parameters are all in check. It started sluffing off skin, now a hole has "rotted" as you can see in the photo. When I move it and pull the flesh off it definitely has a...
  4. Baffels

    Fox Face help

    Hi all, Just added a pre quarantined Fox Face to my tank. He was turning greyish on the way home and same while I acclimated (drip). He went straight to the bottom of the tank behind some rocks on the floor. Now I can't seem to find him... do I need to worry? Only other fish in the tank are...
  5. A

    EMERGENCY Diamond Goby Attacked Mandarin Dragonet

    My diamond watchmen goby just attacked my mandarin dragonet! He isn’t hurt that bad but he will in the mouth of the goby! His tail fin is cut up a bit but he doesn’t seem too bothered. Will he make it through??? :(
  6. wonderphil-reef

    HELP - BJD come back

    Hi all, A few weeks ago I posted about two of my torches having Brown Jelly, I removed them and put in quarantine and tried coral dips and cutting off the heads, but they died in the end. They did last almost 2 weeks. Today I found another torch dead with the same Brown Jelly, almost two...
  7. B

    EMERGENCY What happen to my frogspawn?

    Hi, Lately my frogspawn is not as opened up as previously. I just notice on the back of it there is some white stringy/foam like stuff. Any one has any ideas what that is? How should I help it? Parameters (salifert): PO4: colorless NO3: very very light ALK: 8.0 CAL: 480 MAG:1280
  8. wonderphil-reef

    Corals dying Help!

    Hi all, I need some help, I have two corals in my tank, opposite end to each other and are newish (about 2months new into the tank) and both are not what I would say is "Happy" Both frogspawn where doing well, but then out of the blue have turned, the first just looks bad and now starting to...
  9. N

    EMERGENCY Possible velvet

    I think my clown has velvet. Issue is, I don’t have a quarantine tank. What would you guys recommend I do? Is there a quick type of QT tank I can setup? I have corals so I can't really dose directly in the tank they're in without killing them.
  10. newreef1

    EMERGENCY Ich Again!!!!

    Guys my tank once crashed because of Ich and I lost everything. I cleaned the entire tank out and restarted. I QT my first batch of fish and everything was fine. I got more fish on Thursday and they were put in QT. Someone in my family, put the fish because they looked OK in the main DT today...
  11. wonderphil-reef

    Tank has gone completely cloudy over night

    Hi all, So I added a couple coral frags to my tank yesterday and today I have come out and my tank is Cloudy, so cloudy I can see anything. I had dipped the coral in redsea coral dip first and wasted off, I had also replaced my GFO, and done my daily dosing with CA, MG and Redsea NO3:PO4-x...
  12. S

    Can someone identify these weird white blobs ?

    I have all of a sudden noticed a large amount of white critters on my rock where there’s algae and on my glass when the lights have gone out. I’ve dossed copepods before however they never looked like this ... Any ideas many thanks. please see images below tried to get best images in...
  13. AnotherReefHobbyist

    Clam gaping terribly, what to do?!

    My clam that I got a couple of months ago has been all merry and good till like a few hours ago. I came up to the tank and the shell was very wide open, but the skin was retracted and you could even see through one of the mouths to the sand bed. The only sign of trouble before this was that the...
  14. JoJosReef

    Emergency: Clam fell of rock and into nem bed

    Came in and found no clam on its rock, just what I assume is part of its foot: Found it far away in the bed of RFAs: I have no idea how it got there. The red RFA next to it was almost completely covering the clam until I pushed it over a bit. Now, there is another problem. The clam has...
  15. C

    Engineered goby covered in white

    My engineered goby was living in hus own tank for the last 3+ months until my husband decided to add 2 new moorish idols to his tank. Both idols died within a few days. About 2 weeks later (today), I went to feed the goby while husband updates the DT and find him COVERED in white with "rot"...
  16. AlphaCasual

    Single clown swimming to top of tank for air often, other fine. Cirolanids have been seen in the tank but I am active about removing

    One of my clowns keeps swimming to the top of the tank for air every five or so minutes, I believe a baby cirolanid has gotten in its gil/mouth somehow. Does anyone have any ideas of how I can treat or remove this without harming my fish?
  17. CrazyDuck959

    EMERGENCY Is my shrimp going to die?

    I made a post about a hour ago, saying my shrimp was acting weird and it may be stuck molt. Well I can now confirm its stuck molt. I know this is fatal for most inverts. And I have no clue what to do. Any suggestions, I dont want to lose this shrimp. And its turned into a emergency situation...
  18. John.Thompson

    EMERGENCY Diamond Goby Dying!

    I just found my diamond goby sideways and thought it was dead. Come to find it breathing when I hold it upright. I have it in a small container to isolate and I put a small amount of food in the water. I recently put new fish and coral into HIS home. Could this be stress??? Anyway to fix? Help!!!
  19. bert236

    Coral qt tank crash

    Like the title says my tank crashed and couldn’t figure out the reason. Slowly got worse over the course of yesterday after I dosed microbacter 7 the night before. My nutrients dropped to 0 so I thought that may have had something to do with it. Did a big water change since they were bottomed...
  20. TheTruTaric

    Dart goby floating strange, been like this for a week or so

    my favorite fish for the past week has been swimming strangely, i felt it was flow but after turning off the flow i realize its something wrong with him, he's been eating well! please help me!
  21. Just a Wrasse.

    EMERGENCY Help! Total crash!

    This morning, what do i see, my two clowns, dead, my fire shrimp, dead. My gobie and snails, alive. My kh is really high, is this why my fish died? did an ro water change. parameters: n03: 5ppm Ph: 8 Kh: 17!!! Help! Thanks, Stan
  22. S

    Emergency is this BTA too far gone!?

    Woke up to my BTA looking like this today. It’s been looking a bit rough and I’ve been keeping an eye on parameters and staying on top of feeding it. Other BTA looks great. Is this one too far gone and if not how can I help it?
  23. L

    EMERGENCY What medicine do I give a fish if they’re having red fins and trouble to eat?

    Hi guys I’m in an emergency please help. I need to know which medicine to give my sick Tetra if they can’t swim well and continually gasp for air (not on the surface) don’t tell me that clean water is the best medicine because I’ve changed the water 3 times this week and they’re not getting...
  24. M

    EMERGENCY Clown laying on sand bed rapid breathing- is he dying?

    I have a 15G tank with a built in sump, a large live rock arch, and a 1” sand bed. Livestock I have a pair of semi storm clownfish (paired), a blue leg hermit crab, a mushroom coral and a duncan coral (both still frags). Temp: 79° F Ammonia: 0.5 ppm Nitrate: 20 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Alkalinity...
  25. L

    Help! My fish has a damaged fin, and she's not eating

    The day before yesterday, Gem got stuck on the heater... Her fins are better now, but when I was feeding them today she couldn't quite swim up to eat the flakes. The flakes float so her buoyancy when trying to eat them wasn't the best. So I gave them another portion. I thought she ate, but she...