1. LabyrinthCorals

    Juveline Blue Tang Eye Issue

    Hey everyone, Overnight my juvenile blue tang seems to have either gotten a nasty infection/disease of some sort, or injured himself (or both). I did notice slight discoloration and redness near the eye last night but nothing like this. The outside of the eye seems to have peeled upwards...
  2. L

    Hammer identification

    Alguém sabe a identificação deste martelo? Achei diferente e quero comprar, mas tenho que pesquisar esse coral antes
  3. K

    Need help torch coral is dying

    I need help with my torch coral. I fed it last week and it’s been doing worse ever since. I don’t think that it’s a problem with bjd because it probably would have died a while ago as a result. It’s been slowly declining for the past 4-5 days. Would anyone have an suggestions? I dipped in iodine...
  4. Ernst Haeckel

    Accidentally nuked my tank with D-D epoxy - A warning to reefers with smaller tanks!

    Accidentally double posted, not sure how to delete this. Please see other post https://www.reef2reef.com/threads/nuked-my-tank-with-epoxy-a-cautionary-tale-with-a-happy-ending.860107/
  5. B

    Clownfish has white stuff on it, any thoughts?

    Hey everyone. Had 2 fish die the other day (one looked like is got caught in a power head after it got it’s finally nipped) and not sure what happened to the other. today one of my clowns is covered in white stuff. Guessing I have some type of fish disease but don’t have a quarantine setup. Any...
  6. T

    EMERGENCY Clown disease help

    I just got two clowns from my LFS. One was tank raised and one wild. The wild one looked sickly from day one and died after 3 days (picture attached with wood background). Now the other clown that was healthy and active now has a part that looks like an issue. (Picture attached). Not sure if...
  7. Doctor Faust

    HELP Aquarium Cloudy After Too Much Carbon Dosing. Fish Dying and Worse With Water Change. HELP

    Hello, I am in dire need for some help, and any advice will be appreciated! I dosed carbon (as vodka) last night, but I put way too much. Wayyy too much. I have a 55 gallon with 11 gal sump and a 43 gallon with 10 gallon sump. In the morning I saw that the water was cloudy in both tanks. A...
  8. JamieTotten1996

    EMERGENCY 1.0302 Salinity

    I’ve just done a water change and through rookie error I’ve dramatically changed my salinity from 32-PPT to 40-PPT (1.0241-1.0302) I have two clowns and one small toxic splatter gonioastrea frag. Have I just mistakenly killed my tank I’m very concerned now!!
  9. i cant think

    Is this ich or velvet?

    I just went downstairs and looked at my tang (Blue eye kole), one side of him has white specks.. is this ich?
  10. A

    White Spot Protruding (Not Ich)

    I have a Purple Tang which I've previously diagnosed to have flukes (via a 5 minute freshwater dip/bath). Post treatment with Praziquantel and Hyposalinity (14 days at 1.009 at this stage), I noticed a new single white bump forming on the side of the Purple Tangs body. Initially, I thought...
  11. E

    EMERGENCY Help Red Sea aminos “overdose”

    When I got home from work I noticed my auto doser was on and dosing Red Sea ab plus constantly in my tank, luckily i only keep a a few weeks worth in the bottle at a time, but it still dosed over 100 ml into my tank and my regular dose is 15 ml, all my corals were closed and my tank was so...
  12. C

    EMERGENCY! Pistol shrimp parasite?

    Hello everyone, I recently bought a nice sized tiger pistol shrimp, but I noticed an unusual bulge on the right side of his body, I could be overreacting but it looks similar to an isopod parasite, can anyone help? Thanks!
  13. Scooters Reef

    EMERGENCY Fish disease ID Fairy wrasse infected DT with unknown now Midas Blenny showing symptoms

    On August 8th two new fish were added to my display. Purchased from one of two places I have bought livestock. Wasn’t until after problems started and calling the store for more information and help. That I realized they keep all fish in Sub therapeutic copper. After they have been through QT in...
  14. C

    Sick Clownfish not sure how to treat...

    I don’t know what’s wrong with my clown. He has not eaten for four days and just floats at the top of the tank and does not swim like his partner much. This seemed to time with adding a peppermint shrimp, who I have not seen since I put the tiny little guy in there, a pincushion urchin, and 5...
  15. D

    Is my anemone dying?

    He’s been acting like this for about a week, recently moved to sand. He had been on live rock farther up closer to the light.
  16. A

    WIll the clownfish be ok? help

    Heres what happened, Im fighting dinos, specifically procentrum, and I started dosing silicates. I used sponge excel, and dosed 5 drops into 10 gallons. The drops did harden upon contact with the water and turn into white flakes. I know that silicate based solutions are caustic to humans, but...
  17. gaki

    Magnet cleaner fell on OG bounce

    Hi, I was cleaning off the algae on my glass and the magnet cleaner fell straight on top of my og bounce baby. I put in a little bit of melafix to hopefully avoid any infection and the lights are currently off. I think its guts are out and the bubbles are a bit deflated. will it be ok?
  18. heyjanie

    Help! Why is my Aussie torch shriveling up all of a sudden?

    My Aussie torch is retracted and looks shriveled for a lack of a better term. It had been doing great up until this point. The only thing that’s different about my tank is I just started adding the Red Sea Reef Energy Plus Coral Nutrition. 29 gal BioCube Salinity: 1.027 PH: 8 Ammonia: 0...
  19. mikmarie

    EMERGENCY Possible Swim Bladder

    I’m new to saltwater and recently added two clownfish after cycling my tank for a few months. All levels were normal when I added them, and they’ve been eating well. Before tonight, this fish was swimming normally and breathing normally. Now, it’s at the bottom of the tank and breathing rapidly...
  20. NeveroddoreveN

    Sea cucumber injuries, small "chunks" missing

    I got a sand sifting sea cucumber a few days ago and it immediately did great, eating, pooping, super active, etc. But overnight about three different ulcerations appeared, like it has white holes in the sea cucumbers body. The only other inhabitants are a cleaner shrimp, some snails and a...
  21. T

    Treat for ich/velvet or flukes? Occasional flashing for months, no other signs

    Trying to decide which way to treat… Most of the fish have done occasional flashing for months, have never seen a white spot or a definitive sign of velvet before. Flashing seems to come and go. May have been getting a little worse lately. Then today my royal gramma is up high in the water...
  22. M

    White Slime-The tank killer.....

    First post here, wasnt hoping to run into issues this early and need feedback.... So I started up a IM 20g 2 months ago. Did a fishless cycle with bottled ammonia. Waited a month, put in a six line wrasse and a few softies and LPS and has now been another month with them all doing pretty well...
  23. C

    Emergency - ID this nudi before I lose track of him

    Can somebody help me ID this guy. Almost looks like a yellow sea lettuce nudi moving around at night.
  24. P

    EMERGENCY Need Help Identifying Possible Disease

    So I recently bought these 2 clowns and one seems to have a lesion on its head. I was just about to dose Copper into the qt but noticed this and was wondering if y’all can help me identify it and tell me how to treat it. Thanks!
  25. M

    Possible Bacteria infection Help me save my Bicolor Angel

    I have an 1100 gallon tank and was concerned because I have not seen my Bicolor Angel in a couple days. Today when I got home fro work he was swimming near the surface but not looking right. I easily caught him and moved him to my 40 Gal. emergency tank. He has red around the lips seams to have...