1. C

    Engineered goby covered in white

    My engineered goby was living in hus own tank for the last 3+ months until my husband decided to add 2 new moorish idols to his tank. Both idols died within a few days. About 2 weeks later (today), I went to feed the goby while husband updates the DT and find him COVERED in white with "rot"...
  2. AlphaCasual

    Single clown swimming to top of tank for air often, other fine. Cirolanids have been seen in the tank but I am active about removing

    One of my clowns keeps swimming to the top of the tank for air every five or so minutes, I believe a baby cirolanid has gotten in its gil/mouth somehow. Does anyone have any ideas of how I can treat or remove this without harming my fish?
  3. CrazyDuck959

    EMERGENCY Is my shrimp going to die?

    I made a post about a hour ago, saying my shrimp was acting weird and it may be stuck molt. Well I can now confirm its stuck molt. I know this is fatal for most inverts. And I have no clue what to do. Any suggestions, I dont want to lose this shrimp. And its turned into a emergency situation...
  4. John.Thompson

    EMERGENCY Diamond Goby Dying!

    I just found my diamond goby sideways and thought it was dead. Come to find it breathing when I hold it upright. I have it in a small container to isolate and I put a small amount of food in the water. I recently put new fish and coral into HIS home. Could this be stress??? Anyway to fix? Help!!!
  5. bert236

    Coral qt tank crash

    Like the title says my tank crashed and couldn’t figure out the reason. Slowly got worse over the course of yesterday after I dosed microbacter 7 the night before. My nutrients dropped to 0 so I thought that may have had something to do with it. Did a big water change since they were bottomed...
  6. TheTruTaric

    Dart goby floating strange, been like this for a week or so

    my favorite fish for the past week has been swimming strangely, i felt it was flow but after turning off the flow i realize its something wrong with him, he's been eating well! please help me!
  7. Just a Wrasse.

    EMERGENCY Help! Total crash!

    This morning, what do i see, my two clowns, dead, my fire shrimp, dead. My gobie and snails, alive. My kh is really high, is this why my fish died? did an ro water change. parameters: n03: 5ppm Ph: 8 Kh: 17!!! Help! Thanks, Stan
  8. S

    Emergency is this BTA too far gone!?

    Woke up to my BTA looking like this today. It’s been looking a bit rough and I’ve been keeping an eye on parameters and staying on top of feeding it. Other BTA looks great. Is this one too far gone and if not how can I help it?
  9. L

    EMERGENCY What medicine do I give a fish if they’re having red fins and trouble to eat?

    Hi guys I’m in an emergency please help. I need to know which medicine to give my sick Tetra if they can’t swim well and continually gasp for air (not on the surface) don’t tell me that clean water is the best medicine because I’ve changed the water 3 times this week and they’re not getting...
  10. maxemorris

    EMERGENCY Clown laying on sand bed rapid breathing- is he dying?

    I have a 15G tank with a built in sump, a large live rock arch, and a 1” sand bed. Livestock I have a pair of semi storm clownfish (paired), a blue leg hermit crab, a mushroom coral and a duncan coral (both still frags). Temp: 79° F Ammonia: 0.5 ppm Nitrate: 20 ppm Nitrite: 0 ppm Alkalinity...
  11. L

    Help! My fish has a damaged fin, and she's not eating

    The day before yesterday, Gem got stuck on the heater... Her fins are better now, but when I was feeding them today she couldn't quite swim up to eat the flakes. The flakes float so her buoyancy when trying to eat them wasn't the best. So I gave them another portion. I thought she ate, but she...
  12. IE Reefer

    Emergency! Anemone Stuck in Wave Maker!!

    Hi everyone, Cutting to the chase, nem got stuck in wave maker, I can see bits of tentacles and other matter stuck on vent, nem seems to have healed but the mysterious thing on him, what should I do? Photos below will take more if needed.
  13. Tturner

    Yellow tang sick need guidance

    Hey guys, I was wondering what is going on with our tang. The redish spots happened about 5 days ago. We went to our LFS and they suggested Rally Pro treatment. It is day 4 and the redness has dropped but it is getting white spots and starting to not want to eat. I love our boy and don't want to...
  14. M

    Are these bite marks on my acropora?

    Something probably tries to eat my rose acropora :mad: AEFW? 3 and 2 weeks ago I introduced new acroporas from LFS. As usual, dipped them in both Brightwell Coral Dip and TropicMarin Coral Clean. I guess some eggs still have survived? Few days ago and yesterday I saw a flatworm around 1/4" on...
  15. K

    Please Help! All Acropora are melting away

    I cannot for the life of me figure out what is going on. See below my ICP results which came back today. Manganese through the roof. I have no idea why. I am too devastated to even post pictures of the corals. This tank receives regular water changes with red sea blue bucket. i’m really...
  16. Brit’s Fish

    The Uglies? Is this Diatoms?

    I’ve had this tank running for about 4 months and the lights have only been on for about 5-6 weeks. I used mostly CaribSea Life Rock and a couple pieces of live rock & CaribSea live sand, which is the same thing I’ve done in my other 5 tanks. Never had the uglies like this. I think I have at...
  17. Louiemiller9

    Kentucky Ohio Looking for Apex system.

    Hello I am looking to purchase a used Apex controller. I have an apex on my bigger system and love it but am now looking for a system to run on my nano tank. Thanks so much. I live in Cincinnati Ohio.
  18. Gonj


    This all started with my speckled krak it went from open and happy to shriveled on the brink of death in about 2 days time. All my other zoas are quickly following and idk what to do, I’ve already dipped them in coral rx and did a massive water change and it keeps spreading. The odd thing is...
  19. C

    Carpenter wrasse dying?

    I purchased a carpenter flasher about a week ago. At first it had a hard time adjusting but then it did just fine. It was eating well. Now it’s just lying in the corner of my tank. I tried feeding him today and he didn’t even flinch. I have no clue what’s going on with it. Any thoughts?
  20. trevorhiller

    EMERGENCY Waterbox Osmolator Failure

    I need some emergency recommendations. evidently my first rear Waterbox filter chamber got clogged. Water has been spilling over the diverter. For some reason the third chamber has been low ( still investigating why) and my spouse woke me up and said the Osmolator has been running off and on...
  21. radar_17


    Just used Phosphat-E for the first time. My phosphates had been OK (.03-.05) but then added an auto feeder (Plank). Fish love the auto feeder, but phosphates started creeping up. At 0.09 I decided to add a little Phosphat-E to lower it. Unfortunately, I misread the directions and what I...
  22. J

    EMERGENCY Bloated blue throat trigger

    Bought two blue jaw triggers smaller male and larger female. We’re fed before bagged and were both bagged in the same bag. Bagged around 4pm. Brought home around 5:30 and bag with both fish was put into tank to temperature acclimate. had to leave and wasn’t able to see the fish until 8:45 where...
  23. DeeBee

    STN Pathogen destroying my coral

    Unfortunately my tank is suffering from a STN event to a red montipora cap that is slowing spreading to the Digitata that it touches. It potentially started as brown jelly to one of my gold hammers but can't be sure. I was hoping this would be limited to only the cap and took measures yesterday...
  24. loganzielke

    Anemone really bad looking

    Received a lta I bought online and within 24 hours it’s spitting clear slimy substance out of mouth it’s dripping tentacles and guts are outside of mouth I really don’t want it to nuke my tank tia
  25. MichiganMarc

    Battery Backup Question

    Hello everyone! So I am doing my research regarding installing a battery backup for my aquarium and have come across a few questions. I am hoping someone can provide some input. 6 foot 165 gallon aquarium. I am currently running 2 Reef Octo Pulse 4's and 2 Tunze 6095's for flow. These are...