1. PMReef

    Cynarina Dying (Emergency)

    Hello, my cynarina is dying and I don’t inow why, water parameters are as follows: alkalinity 9.5kdh calcium: 359 phosphate 0.25 nitrates 35 high range ph 8.7 salinity 1025 magnesium : 1500 Help me what can I do to save it… I put it on quarantine, then a black spot appeared and two days later...
  2. Ocypode sinensis

    EMERGENCY Severe tail fin rot

    Recently purchased a small High Hat, he's doing fine, eating and swimming around in the TTM bucket, but his tail is rotting real fast. I had dosed Kannaplex and Stress Guard into the bucket, today is the first day of dosing. Some of my friends told me that this kind of tail rot is very lethal...
  3. E

    EMERGENCY Help birds nest coral disintegrating

    I have a huge colony of birds nest and it has been thriving and growing for almost a year and a few days ago I realized that one of the branches was pure white with no polyps, and today there was a little algae on it so I went to blow it off and no joke a bunch of “green dust” or polyps come...
  4. Tturner

    Yellow tang has started to look rough after treating ChemiClean.

    Hello fellow reefers, I am in need of your expertise. I used chemi clean about a week ago he had some redness on his skin(didn't take picture). I have done two water changes since, one a 30% and another 20% three days after. Is this possibly just stress related because of everything. He still...
  5. B

    Nano Build Help Me Save My Flex

    Hi Guys, My name is Berg and I have a serious problem. Back in November I started my first reef tank, a Fluval Flex 15, and rushed it. I have been keeping freshwater tanks for as long as I can remember and have kept some incredibly difficult and complicated fish and invertebrates so I thought...
  6. 40g Nano

    Falco hawkfish breathing heavily

    I got my falco hawkfish 1 week and 1 day ago and up to my tank move a couple days ago he has been eating great, perching, and going for the occasional swim. For the past 2-3 days, he has been hiding, breathing heavily, staying on the bottom, and not eating. All other fish are fine and eating...
  7. Clown2020

    Spilt lemon juice in tank

    Hi Long story short had a glass of lemon juice ready to zap apisrasia but spilt half a glass down the side of/into my aquarium not sure of the exact amount imediatly stoped the pumps and changed as much water as I had to hand mixed (mixing more now) and changed out 10 litres of a 32 gallon...
  8. R

    EMERGENCY Fish Not Eating After Tank Change

    I need help. I had a established tank with around 6 fish. I moved my tank yesterday to another spot in my house as I have a new tank coming in soon. I moved them to another location and now the fish wont eat. My blue and emporer angelfish ate but at first would spit out the food. My yellow tang...
  9. Mr_Knightley

    EMERGENCY Bubbles appearing in the tank seam! Am I out of options?

    Some backstory. This is my third large reef in this spot, both others were lost to poor manufacturing. The tank is a Planet Aquariums 125 gallon rimless, set on a maple stand that has been leveled, and the tank has been in this spot for nearly two years now. I haven't noticed the bubbles...
  10. IE Reefer

    Hammers bleaching, acan not healthy

    Hey everyone, I've been having these hammers and acan for nearly a year, and they haven't been doing so well. The neon-green hammer started to bleach towards the end of the fall, the blue/green hammer I just noticed started to bleach, and acan hasn't been looking as fluffy for about a month or...
  11. Caleb1266

    Puffer with lump

    I have a yellow belly dogface with a massive lump on his side. Started small and is growing daily. What do I do? Some stuff says it’s a trapped air bubble and I should massage it out. Thoughts?
  12. Bearpaw

    What is this bubble on my pipe organ?! Help!

    Hello, Today I noticed this “growth” that appears to be a bubble inside my pipe . I’m worried this will spread to my other corals.. although at this point none are affected only the pipe organ. It seems to have happened over night and I have no idea what it could be. The coral is still...
  13. SaltyShel

    EMERGENCY Help!!!

    Someone please help!!! I have a pincushion urchin who’s been dropping spines… I thought it was shedding… I have really high nitrates and low ish salinity 1.021 ish and Ive been trying to bring up slow due to being told urchins are sensitive and the last water change I did is when he started...
  14. H

    EMERGENCY Sick clown? What’s wrong with him, will he make it

    Something is wrong with my snow storm, just bought on Saturday.. was fine yesterday. They are not bullying each other, only other fish in tank is a mandarin and she has not bothered them at all. Hermits, snails, rock flower anemone and a few coral frags. His top fin looks tore up and bloody...
  15. N

    Green Water

    Ok, I have had green colored water for several days now and my plan to get a turbo twist uv sterilizer fell through due to the cost. I need a cheaper (than $150, $100 preferably) option to clear up my water. Tank is 55 gallons with a 10 gallon sump and I would prefer an all in one but will...
  16. ReeferHendrix


    Help not 100% sure but I thinks it’s dinos and it’s killing my tank I need anyone’s help on how I can fix this corals are looking rough and fish are reacting now this was never a problem until I switched over to new tank. Thanks everyone
  17. R

    EMERGENCY - Pink Sea Cucumber

    Hi everyone! I have a pink sea cucumber that I got on Friday last week. When I brought it home, I acclimated it for about 30 mins and dropped it in the tank. It crawled up the glass to a corner across from my wavemaker and has been there ever since with his feeder arms out but since yesterday...
  18. kamehameha

    EMERGENCY -fish stuck in sump tank.

    My yellow watchman goby is stuck in the first bay of my sump and I don't know how to get him out! There is no access to the bay aside from the hole for the plumbing to drop water in. I saw how he got there and fixed that problem, but I cant get him to swim up to the top and into the next bay...
  19. Captain Hook

    EMERGENCY So I messed up.... BAD!!! Please help!

    I got motor oil in the tank.... I’m gonna try and keep this as short as possible and provide as much info as could be needed to help find a potential solution. I have a 1 year old 30gal half moon, mixed reef with a HOB filter. Roughly 30lbs or more of live rock, and 20lbs of sand maybe more...
  20. F

    Clownfish has a tumor

    My clownfish is about 10 yrs old and today I noticed a large growth on her. I had to have developed in the last 2-3 days because it wasn’t there before I went out of town. Take a look and tell me if anyone has seen something like this? What is it?
  21. ito2

    Green chromis looks weird.

    Hey guys , I’m looking to see if anyone can help me identify what’s wrong with my green chromis. A little over 2 days ago , I introduced him into my DT without quarantining him (Huge mistake on my end) and all seemed well for the time being, except for some minor clown aggression. This morning...
  22. A

    Bacterial Tufts/Viral Nodules?

    Hi Reefers, I'm feeling rather preplexed. I've completed 14 days of constant therapuetic Copper Power (2.5 ppm, verified using a Hanna Copper Checker) and transferred the batch of fish into an observation tank. It has been 16 days since I've performed the transfer and noticed as of yesterday...
  23. C

    Brown Jelly Disease or something else?

    Started out of nowhere two days ago on my two candy canes. Previously they were doing fine. Within two days the top one appears to be melting and has exposed skeleton everywhere. Did a water change last Sunday with a new salt, but tested my parameters and they had not changed other than...
  24. C


    Hello everybody, I have a pair of clownfish that we’re doing great for a couple of months, however now one of them is laying on its side and breathing rather erraticly, is also has no appetite. Everything else in the tank is fine, including the other clowns and anemones, so I know it’s not a...
  25. 1Matthew

    LPS dominated tank-Problems

    Hello all! I currently have a 60 gallon reed tank that has been having some problems. I run 2 AI prime lights in my tank and seem to notice a couple things. My acans have not seemed to do very well where the light hits em, however they are encrusted to the actual rock. Also, many of my corals...