Need help with my RO/DI filter, please!

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Jul 16, 2017
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Fayetteville, AR
I have an ongoing problem with my RODI system For some reason, my TDS stays at around 0-2 ppm for only a couple of weeks and within 6 weeks of replacing every single filter (including the RO membrane) my TDS is reading around 120-130. What's crazy is that I use municipal/city water and the TDS out of the faucet is always around 80-90. What the heck is going on?

I am using a Aqua FX Barracuda four stage setup. I do not have a flush kit.....I know I can flush the membrane without a flush kit by removing the inline pressure fitting and running it for a while. I have not flushed my membrane yeet because I just bought it about 2 months ago? Could this be the reason why the TDS is so high? Do I need to flush it every time I make water?

I am just getting tired of having to buy 3 new filters every 8-10 weeks.

One more thing; my pressure gauge reads: 80 psi when I am producing water. Is this okay? Please help. I sincerely appreciate any and all help.

God Bless
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Apr 24, 2018
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Way upstate NY
Not flushing is probably why your burning through filters so fast. Without flushing, the water sitting in the canisters goes stagnant or increases significantly in TDS. Your then forcing that super high TDS water through your membrane and DI.

I personally have a flush kit(no pressure on the membrane), and a DI bypass so I'm not forcing that flushed water through my DI. A flush valve, and DI bypass will save you a ton in filters.

Flush valve, just replace your capillary restrictor with one of these from BRS. Just match the ML of your current valve to one of these.

And a DI bypass valve. Just turn it to waste when flushing your membrane, then turn it to divert the water into your DI canister.

80PSI is perfect pressure for an RO/DI system. And yes, flush till you reach 1 or 2 PPM TDS out of the membrane, then turn the flush valve to start making water, and turn the 3 way so your pushing through the DI. Flush before every use.

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