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Aug 17, 2020
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Hi all,

I've got my first marine tank!

I've had tropical since I was a kid and a pretty mature koi pond at our last house, but I've alway wanted a marine tank and we've just extended the house, so I took the opportunity to add in a marine tank. It's still in construction, but you can see where we are today in the picture below. It will become the centre piece of the back wall to a home bar when finished - you can see the plumbing for the ice machine, etc. coming up from the floor in front and the electrics to light the shelving to the side.

It's quite big - 2.5m w x 1m d x 0.75h, so I'm hoping to get some quite striking fish in the tank. I'm in Surrey in the UK, by the way.

It's now got to that bit that I've got to make some fish choices and I've got quite a shopping list, purely based on things I've seen online and liked. I'd be really grateful for any thoughts, feedback and advice on stocking fish. The top list are things that look great, the last 5 are thoughts for interesting shoaling fish

Achilies Tang
Annularis Angelfish
Bangai Cardinal Emperor
Black Percula Clown
Blue spot Jawfish
Blueface Angelfish
Bluestriped Angelfish
Clown triggerfish
Copperband Butterfly fish
French Angelfish
Mandarin Dragonet
Powder Blue Tang
Queen Angelfish
Ruby Red Dragonet
Spotfin Lionfish
Two Spined Angelfish
Yellow Tang
Allen's Damsel
Bartlett's Anthias
Purple Tilefish
vanderbilt chromis
Blue Reef Chromis

Many thanks


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