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May 20, 2020
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hey guys, I'm new here to R2R. I've read through some of the threads and found some helpful advice. I was out of the hobby for roughly 2 years.
I currently have a 30g shallow waterbox with 2 fish (maroon goldbar and a watchman goby) and quite a few corals (green star polyps, Kenya tree, Easter egg chalice, mushrooms, button polyps, hammers, an acro, and a dying pocillopora)
I'm have one Ai Prime light that runs a schedule similar to the Stuart Betram on Aquallumination. Its the first time I'm trying this type of schedule so if anyone has any feedback on that it would be appreciated.

I'm also running a Vortech MP10 (left side of my tank) on Tidal Swell Mode, in addition to an Aqueon 500gph circulation pump (back right of my tank). I don't know if that's too much flow but based on my aquascape I thought it was better than just the one MP10. Still debating on if I should remove the pump (again suggestions are welcomed)

Looking forward to using R2R more often. Happy reefing! 20200523_111906.jpg 20200522_201219.jpg 20200522_201135.jpg 20200522_201150.jpg Screenshot_20200523-143114_myAI.jpg


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