Noopsyche's Reef Loving Giveaway!!


pasquale petrovia

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Dec 4, 2018
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In 34 years of salt water and 25 of it reefing, I realize that we are no match for Mother nature. We can mimic, but never duplicate her. You never stop learning and growing in the hobby and even the failures are fulfilling. The wonders we see and the patience we learn will make us better people.


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Oct 5, 2019
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Middle TN
My most favorite thing about reefing is the corals! I have never seen corals in the world, so owning a reef tank at home allows me to see exactly how they grow, how they interact to food/lights/fish/whatever, and it just brings a calming effect when I am able to just sit for hours and watch my tank. I think I watch my tank more than the TV anymore! lol


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Feb 17, 2021
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Noopsyche's Reef Loving Giveaway!!

It's February and LOVE is in the air!!! Noopsyche is sending some love your way with a chance to win one of their great reef lights!! Get those entries in!!

Noopsyche's Reef Lighting has become one of the popular reef lighting options for many members of our community here on Reef2Reef. Their K7 Pro II is their flagship light, and @noopsyche is giving you the chance to own one for FREE! You can check out @Dana Riddle's testing of the Noopsyche K7 Pro II HERE.

Check out the rules below and get your entries in NOW!


Official Entry: Make a post in this thread about something you love about reefing!

BONUS ENTRIES (You may only do these AFTER your initial entry...winning entry will be verified for original entry)

*Make a separate post in this thread after completing any of the bonus entries. Winning entry is subject to verification.

Bonus 1:
Share a picture of your reef tank and something with the words "R2R Loves Noopsyche!" in the photo (this could be a note card or a piece of paper, but creativity makes us smile and might get you featured on social media :cool:).
Bonus 2: If you are already an owner of any Noopsyche lights, show a picture of your Noopsyche lights in use.
Bonus 3: Share this contest on social media (each social media platform can be used for 1 bonus entry. So, that could be 1 entry for Facebook, 1 for Twitter, 1 for IG, etc. Make a separate post in this thread for each social media post you make.
Bonus 4: Join the Noopsyche USA Facebook group. CLICK HERE!
Bonus 5: Check out the Noopsyche USA website and tell us what you like most. CLICK HERE!
Bonus 6: Start/Update your build thread on R2R and post a link here. You can do this once a week for bonus entries. Our members tanks forums are found here.

BONUS ENTRY FOR R2R SUPPORTING & PARTNER MEMBERS: This is an entry option that is only available if you are a Reef2Reef Supporting or Partner Member. If you are a supporting/partner member please make a post in this thread stating that you are a R2R supporter/partner. If you're not a supporting member, but would like more info on how to sign up, CLICK HERE.


One winners will be selected to receive:
  • One K7 ProII light
  • One K7 bracket
  • One K7 controller


Our winner will be chosen via random draw from this thread on March 15, 2021! (Last day to enter is March 14th.)

We will choose the winner via a random number generator. The winner's username will be tagged in the winning announcement. We will not email, pm, or contact the winner other than tagging the winning name. Be sure to check back to claim your prize. If it is not claimed within 3 days we will do a re-pick and so on until the prize is claimed.

Thanks again to @noopsyche for this awesome contest!

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