One man Frag swap? Frags for pickup in Strongsville, OH Feb 27th


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Feb 20, 2008
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Whitehouse, OH
Well, normally I use the annual Strongsville swap in February to really clear out some of my winter SPS growth. It is cancelled/postponed so I have all the extra growth to deal with. So my solution will be to drive there anyway and deliver/hand off pre-ordered frags on Feb 27th. It is a nice central location for people in the NEOH and western PA area. It avoids the cold weather and costs of shipping this time of year too!

Here is a list of some of the overgrown corals at a-la-carte prices. Just send me a list, I'll get them cut and healing, and we will meet up with details outlined when you order. I would like a minimum 25% deposit via Paypal or Venmo to avoid "no shows". Some frags might be even bigger than normal since I won't have to worry about shipping them!

You can also add on anything from This Sale Thread if you dont see it below.

I just dont have other stuff in such quantity that I can do the deep discounts. Thanks!

ARC Fireworks $50
Bali Green Slimer $20
BC Aquabat $100
BC Aquaticman table $75
BC Awarewolf $95
BC Battle de Fuego $60
BC Bellicose Trobairitz $150
BC Bleeding tree v1 $75
BC Blue Ghost $125
BC Blueberry nasuta $95
BC Bonsai humilis $40
BC Brain Candy $65
BC Bubblebath Unicorn $100
BC Dragonfly $30
BC Firecracker table $65
BC Honeycomb $95
BC Houdini $95
BC Magic Wand tenuis $75
BC Red Rim Efflo $50
BC Skinny Love $100 3/4"
BC Space Laser $125
BC Spainbow $40
BC “therman’s rainbow” nasuta $30
CC Black Hornet $95
CC Dark Knight $40
CC Disney Jr. $175 3/4"
CC Dreamcatcher $50
CC Irish table $75
CC Rainbow Hyacinthus $95
CC Ultraviolet $95
CC Voodoo Majick $95
Copps Calacali stag $40
CR Eternal Flame $95
EC Aventador $100
GARF bonsai $25
Greg Carroll Acroberry $40
Greg Carroll Ultimate Efflo $60
Greg Hiller Aqua Delight $40
Inland Cyclops $100
Lime in the Sky $45
ORA Frogskin $25
PC Rainbow $30
Poletti yellow tip austera $25
RMF Last Dragon $40
RMF Psychoberry $100
RMF Red Devil Nasuta $65
RMF Tiger's Blood $75
RR Pink Cadillac $50
RR Olympus $100
RR Raven $175
RR Starfire $45
Snipers Blue $45
Tyree Merlin's Staff $125
Tyree Pinky the Bear $75
Tyree Superman tenuis $175 3/4"
Vivid’s Rainbow Delight $30
Z's Avenger $100

Montipora all $20/~1" Cut to order so encrusters may not be fully colored up:
Jedi mind trick undata
Tyree Superman
Tyree Rainbow
Tyree Pokerstar
Mystic Sunset
TDF Electric Grape
(BC) Rommel's Confused Rainbow Reverse Sunset (aka Aquaman) - aqua colored encrusting rainbow monti with orange to yellow-green polyps
Tubb’s Lavender Stellata
Ultimatefrags Crayola
ORA German blue digitata
purple rimmed aqua/green M. confusa
Original RichK bright green and deep purple confusa
Appleberry-type M. danae, faster grower for me than the ATL version
Orange M. setosa
chili pepper aequituberculata
purple tipped extremely green M. spongodes
Tyree Flower Petal
WWC Cherry Tree
Tyree LE green aequituberculata
Bubblegum digitata
Turquoise Fire digitata
UWW Rainbow Sunburst
Gonzo's Mango Madness
CC Infection

"Fancy" Montipora
CC Pop Rocks $40
Original Unarce Orenji (brightest orange coral I've ever seen, slow growing) $70
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Jan 17, 2012
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South Euclid, OH
I'm joining Tim to give reefers more choices and making this a 2 man swap!
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