Plumbing two Returns with One Pump

CJ Monty

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May 19, 2018
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I am in the process of a new build and the setup will have one return pump splitting into two returns. The returns are 3/4" and my pump supports up to 1 1/4 inch. Obviously I will have a tee (or wye, or true y if I can find it) splitting to each return.

Will having larger piping prior to the split benefit flow rate? Would running larger pipe all the way up to the return and then using an elbow reducer benefit flow rate? From my initial research my plan is as follows.

1. About a foot or so of 1 1/4 ID black vinyl from the pump to a barb connector reducing it to 1" PVC. (I read you should oversize vinyl tubing due to barb connector hole size)
2. Using an 2 45 elbows to get it behind the tank and going vertical again.
3. Some type of branching such as a tee.
4. 1" PVC all the way to the returns (90s and elbows where needed)
5. 1" x 3/4" reducing elbow into the tank.

Is what I described above better in terms flow rate than just doing vinyl all the way?

Snoopy 67

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Jan 11, 2019
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Sweeps flow easier but if not available then no choice.
Biglew11, I remember those but don't think they were that popular & I prefer a SeaSwirl anyway.

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