Protien skimmer for euro tank

Austin J Vatalaro

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Mar 14, 2019
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I am just wondering what my options are for a protien skimmer on a euro braced tank. I am not able to hang anything on the tank because it doesn't have a spot to sit as it is glass supporting the walls. I dont have a sump either :/


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Mar 9, 2021
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You may very well be able to use Deltec MCE series skimmers. I use the MCE 601 rated for 160 Gallons and man can it pull gunk!!

My aquarium design like yours did not involve a sump. So I got myself the what I would like to think is one of the best HOB skimmers on the market.

Deltec skimmers skim like champs, are built like rocks, quiet like whispers, and time-tested over decades. ... none of this is an exaggeration. These skimmers are also ozone compatibile and some of them (like mine have a built in chamber for carbon).

As an alternative you can get the Tunze 9012 or some such. They are in-tank skimmers and have rave reviews.

My non-bacterial filtration is:
  1. Skimmer: Deltec MCE 601 (run with Rox Carbon)
  2. In-tank filter: Tunze 3168 (run with Filter Pads, the GFO chamber is empty at the moment)
  3. In-tank Algae Scrubber: Santa Monica Drop 1.6x.
Overall, I am fairly happy with the filtration capacity of my setup and will be glad to discuss any of them if you are curious.

Good luck and happy reefing!

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