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Rain’s Reef (Third Time’s a Charm)


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Jun 17, 2016
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As many of you have seen, my past two tank build threads have gone to the graveyard for this tank.
Partly because I’m terrible at updating and partly because there’s always some sort of crash or downfall that makes me lose interest in keeping the thread alive.
Let’s hope this one sticks. To make it simple, I’ll just update with full tank shots to display the evolution of the tank (let’s see how well I adhere to my own rule haha).

Before the initial set-up. Received the tank March 13, 2017 from Miracles. Spent the summer building a stand and piecing together equipment I didn’t have previously:

Here’s a photo from the first introduction of water (late (probably August) 2017):

One from September 10, 2017:

Then there’s a big gap in the photo log. The next FTS I have is from March 21 of this year:

Another picture taken at the same time:

And I just took a couple photos today, May 23, 2019:

If you want more consistent updates or tighter shots of organisms or sections of the tank I’m fairly active on my tank’s instagram page @rainsreef

I’ll see you all next time with a new reel of full tank shots. [emoji6]

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