Red/brown algea on zoa


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Jun 4, 2020
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Hey reefers. I’ve got his red/brown algea that grew on some old polyps that have since died (read got eaten by an emerald crab who is now banished). They stayed closed for a long time but they were white zombies and just went though a tank move so I don’t think it was this stuff causing that. Anyhow, they never shrank, opened, and looked healthy other than the color.

well fast forward to now I have the same stuff growing on some purple hornets polyps. One of the polyps is open and doing fine. The other two are closed. I will mention they just went through a tank move on Monday. I got my new biocube and they just got moved into it.

my question is is this something dangerous? Should I peroxide dip for it? It didn’t seem to bother my other zoa before and it’s on the head of the hornets that’s opening and it doesn’t seem to mind. Just wondering if y’all think it’s the cause of the others not opening.

Photos attached of the white zombies with the algea or whatever on them, them open, and the hornets begore the move. I separated the hornets and purple monsters before the move, maybe two weeks ago and both colonies were doing fine.

EFC40C75-FA56-4DC8-9709-A188C492C57B.jpeg B8B89BA0-81FD-47E3-B521-079824B55FFF.png 77CC3032-4D26-463C-8CA2-D4A705BB4010.jpeg
Tommy's Phyto


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Sep 10, 2020
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I only have 3. My scarlet is awesome but my blue legs are complete morons.
I was moronic enough to bring one from the beach! Haha- to my surprise, it doesn’t pick at corals, it’s just a bulldozer. I love the shell he’s in, but I don’t have the heart to kill him for it. I personally love my Banded coral shrimp- though she occasionally pokes corals looking for food, she doesn’t trample them like the hermits.

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