zoa disease

  1. Common Blevil

    What's with my zoas?

    I got these zoas for free, when i was starting. They were feeling pretty well and growing, but yesterday at night i noticed some white spots? areas? on them. Thought it was zoa pox, but today most of zoas are open and do not have as many white stuff as yesterday. Only two polyps that i see are...
  2. T

    What's going on with my zoas

    I got a big rock of cheap zoas from a local fish store recently that I'm keeping in my quarantine for now but a chunk of the rock broke off so I put it in one of my tanks to see if my Toby puffer would nip at it. For the most part he's leaving it alone, but they just really don't look like...
  3. ralquist

    Zoa complication

    Good evening, So story goes I received this Zoa on Sept 15th, delayed in shipping a day. Looked pretty rough along with some other pricey zoas. Very stressed but gave aminos over the week it opened up a long with the others. Never looked quite right, few weeks ago it closed again. Looks to...
  4. A

    Zero clue what this Zoa hitchhiker is

    It started at the base and has grown up the polyp and is now spreading outwards. I posted it last week but the picture was not the best so I am trying again with some better pictures. The frag was dipped before it went into the tank. If anyone knows what it is and what I should do please let me...
  5. Bo2022

    EMERGENCY Zoa not opening for 2 weeks! Melted! Bacterial infection?

    Last month I upgraded my tank, one of my zoa was on the frag rack and it grew over it so I had to cut the zoas from the rack then glued n formed it into a new frag. The new frag was doing fine some of the polyps opens right up but during the following days more and more polyps just melted away...
  6. LiLinka

    White specs on zoas

    I’ve had this Rasta colony for about 2 months. The polyps during the day seem to be half opening or not opening all the way as if something is irritating them. The lights went out last night and I noticed all of these dots on the stems of the zoas. I am aware of the sponge on the colony and am...
  7. N

    Zoa Pox? Zoas Closed up

    Hi Everyone, I'm afraid I might have zoa pox. Since yesterday, my zoas have started closing up. Just now I noticed a white spot on one of the closed up polyps. Could this be anything else? Is there any good treatment for this?
  8. P

    What is my zoa doing? Is this a problem?

    One of my Zoas has a white spore/spike growing out it’s head. Normally these are all open and have been for 2-3 months now. any help is appreciated
  9. M

    Zoa has weird thin clear film/shed /growth on side of stalk. what is it and what should I do?

    Got this coral April 21st. Did slow acclimation of tank water then once matched did coral rx dip as directed on the bottle. Rinsed them with different water from tank and placed. Opened within 15 min of placing in the tank. Have been great so far a little over a week. Now all of the sudden...
  10. Zoa_Fanatic

    Tissue between heads disappearing

    Some of my zoas have been losing tissue between the individual heads. Any ideas what the issue could be? 78F 20ppm nitrates 0 nitrite 1.026 salinity
  11. Zoa_Fanatic

    Bob Marley zoa

    Anyone have bob marleys? Are they super small in your tank? The heads are staying very very small in my DT. I’ve got like 15-20 heads on a frag plug that’s how small they’re growing. They’re one of the smallest zoa that are happy and growing that I own. Just wondering if these are typically a...
  12. G

    Can anyone help me figure out what's growing on my Zoa?

  13. RookieDiver

    Zoanthids dying?

    One of zoanthids frag seems to be dying. I am new on this and kind of lost on what I should do. I had it for 2 months no issues, but last week started to look weird and it is getting worst by day. the only change I did was adding new corals, they seems to be doing fine. Please advice!! Thanks
  14. Y

    Whats growing on my Zoas???

    Hey all, Can anyone help identify what this white stringy stuff is that I have growing on the base of my Zoa's? It took over 2 small polyps already. TIA
  15. Zoa_Fanatic

    Zoa heads shrinking

    Ok so I've got several zoa frags with heads getting super, super small. they aren't melting or dying but the heads are maybe 1/2 to 1/3 the size they were months ago. I have recently had a cyan outbreak but they were shrinking in size before this. Any ideas what the problem could be? Biocube...
  16. makingitwork

    Zoanthids not opening fully and discolored - Please help ID

    For the past 6-7 weeks my zoas have not been opening fully, have their skirts pulled back, and are discolored. Barebottom mixed reef 20g - Paired Clowns - Lawnmower Blenny - 20lbs live rock (2yo) Sunny-D's (on rack) Utter Chaos (colony) I dose only calcium, fuel, and for the past 4 weeks...
  17. djm

    Possible Hitchhiker?

    Hi Guys, I added my first coral to my tank on Monday, a single Rasta Zoa polyp. I did a coral dip using Coral RX Pro and Seachem Reef Dip. Over the last couple of days I’ve noticed something that appears to be growing out from the base of the polyp. Any ideas what this can be?
  18. N

    Zoa base (stolon) turning white?

    Hi all, on my way out of the house i noticed that the base of one of my zoa’s is turning white and sort of fluffy, i haven’t tested today and am out of the house but as of 4 days ago the params were: Po4: 0.01 No3: 5 No2: 0 Am: 0 Dkh: 9.5 Mg: 1240 Ca: 440 This is the oldest coral in the tank...
  19. Zoa_Fanatic

    Red/brown algea on zoa

    Hey reefers. I’ve got his red/brown algea that grew on some old polyps that have since died (read got eaten by an emerald crab who is now banished). They stayed closed for a long time but they were white zombies and just went though a tank move so I don’t think it was this stuff causing that...
  20. Zoa_Fanatic

    Is this BJD?

    I just plucked two polyps off my dragonseye colony because they were turning a bruised color. Pics attached. Now I had some white zombies (which were eaten by a crab who had since been banished back to the LFS) who grew this same color but opened and ate and were fine for months. Is this just...
  21. Zoa_Fanatic

    EMERGENCY Zoa polyps brown/red

    I’m not exactly new to reefing but don’t have a good handle on what the heck this is. My white zombie zoa have started turning a brown/red color on the polyp when they are closed. I need to know what it is and how to help. Whatever is won’t come off with a hard water spray.
  22. lazy turtle

    Zoa long term problem. Need help.

    Please help. I have been struggling with this problem for a long time, about six months. My zoa are so shrunken. I tried to change the water, feed the reef roids, I have a ro system with double resin. Tropic marin pro reef salt. 4x24w light Ati sunpower at half power because I noticed that my...
  23. attiland

    Possible Zia ph?

    Hi, I have just received this Zoa a week ago not sure if it has a pox. Can you help with it please?
  24. J

    Hallucination zoas weird behavior

    Hey r2r community! I was hoping on getting some help with my hallucinations. They started doing this behavior recently but what is odd is that I have 2 other large plates of hallucinations that are doing good. This is the only colony that is doing this behavior. Any help is appreciated