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Oct 29, 2020
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United States
Hello all!

So after moving to a new town I decided to upgrade my 32 biocube to a Redsea 200XL. If you are interested to see the biocube it’s in my threads.

I chose the Redsea 200xl because it is what fit best in my current living arrangement. This is my first tank that has a sump and I am pretty excited to expand my knowledge and understanding of the saltwater systems.

Very clean design easy to assemble nothing was broken and it even has leveling feet on the stand. I am already in love with the tank with no inhabitants I can’t wait until this thing matures.


Flow and Filtration: Vectra S2 return pump, Vortech MP10Q, 5x marine pure bio blocks, some bio home

Lighting: Kissel A360x, aqua gadget refugium light,

Heating/Misc: Finnex 200w heater,
Aquarium control board, kill-a-watt plug strip, I plan to do a DIY Redsea lid

Substrate/Rock: approximately 50lbs or Carib-sea Fiji Pink live sand, approximately 60lbs of Carib-sea live rock

Inside the cabinet I installed LED stick on lights to see inside the sump when I am doing maintenance.

I plan to transfer all livestock including most of the live rock from my biocube into this tank.

that is all I have for right now there might be additional stuff or modificationsadded later on. Any suggestions anyone might have are welcome, I’d love to hear what you guys think!

Thanks in advance!

B7EA9265-87E6-4FBE-8A6A-2AF4959CE606.jpeg C4ECE165-3ED4-4508-A4B6-70D3EC5AF1D4.jpeg 77CAFA05-FEAC-4423-A4BB-3DF770B53E64.jpeg 862705EF-4733-4725-853B-CDD503C4DD14.jpeg DA18E4FE-8781-4FC1-B901-44D9F64B0C21.jpeg 16063B54-5D82-4921-BB6E-0E24CC8E69B7.jpeg 39406ECC-4302-4606-BF6F-60E81A9C12E3.jpeg EE90DC88-ACF3-4D41-AABC-DF5690C23D64.jpeg 8799E6A9-E9B3-4EE2-93FB-7B2DC607A7B3.jpeg C401A4DA-5B4A-401D-B0AE-CC009B669C30.jpeg
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Mar 31, 2021
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I just setup the same RSR 200XL a little over a month ago. My advice, is get rid of the OEM ATO system. It’s junk- I replaced with Tunze 3155 and it works flawlessly.

CPR CITR 3 IN-TANK REFUGIUM DELUXE is on its way for my sump.. Paired with a Pod hotel to fit inside.​

Maxspect Jump skimmer.

Replaced the filter mesh sock with the cup filled with a bag of BRS Carbon. Poly fill on top.

I use an MP 10, and will be getting another soon.

Radion XR 15 Pro
Brightwell dimple rock (will be cutting this into two halves and stacking in the front right once the fuge is setup (no space!).

300W Finex heater

NSA rock work
40lbs Fuji sand.

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