Reef Aquarium Salinity


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Jan 1, 2021
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Hi Randy,

@Randy Holmes-Farley

I was reading your article of salinity:

And I am a bit confused about table 4:


Table 3 indicates at 25C the density should be 1023.3, then table 4 comes a long and shows it should 1024.8 which is confusing me.. I am Beta testing an upcoming salinity probe product for a company in Europe and I wanted to be sure they are using the correct formulas, etc.

Can you advise if Table 4 is correct? or the headings should be 20c? in Addition do you have a place where I can get the formulas to calculate all these values so I can cross check the product I am testing is working as intended? their product have a setting to allow users to display conductivity (mS), Density, PSU, PPT and Sg.. and the UNESCO calculator link you posted inside your article is not working anymore.

Many thanks,
Raul Morales
Champion Lighting & Supply

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