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Rekindling my Z/P collection !!!

Steven Garland

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Sep 10, 2016
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Just started a Z & P dominate pico back,and living in Central Florida I am lucky enough to be close to LRO,TSA and WWC. So,I started stocking before I head to Nashville for work until Mid Feb 2021.

There are still a few more variants I want to get my hands on,but they will have to wait.

So far I have:

Bam Bam's [8p]
Petroglyph's [1p]
Hawaiian's [2p]
Super Siayan's [1p]
Agave's [1p]
Rainbow's [3p]
No name's [10p]
Rainbow Incinerators [1p]
Raptor Rainbows [3p]
Hyper Jubilee's [2p]
Psychosis [1p]
Blondies [1p]
Fruit Loop [2p]
TSA Cookie Monsters [2p]
Purple Monsters [2p]
Sour Punch Morphs [6p]
Utter Chaos [2p]
WWC Ultimate Bubblegum's [3p]
Candy Apple Red's [5p]
Butt Kisser's [3p]

I will upload some pic's tonight.
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