Scratch’s Reboot..The never ending Itch


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Mar 3, 2016
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So first off, in order to truly get this party started we gotta get all the Master Enablers and all the Cronies in on the gig… FYI…the introduction to the build is LONG and I’ll probably time warp through some of it (insert Transvestite from Transylvania memes here) :face-with-tears-of-joy:

@fishguy242 @najer @JoshH @Dolelo96 @Crabby48 @Eagle_Steve @sfin52 @TriggerFinger @Erin O @MERKEY @F i s h y @Lost in the Sauce @LRT @NowGlazeIT @sp1187 @Mibu @danieyella @DiefsReef @Casket_Case

My family ^^ ;) :zany-face: :beaming-face-with-smiling-eyes: (I seriously want the OLD EMOJI

Since I will officially be considered OLD one day next week, if I forgot anybody, I claim old age and a failing memory :rolling-on-the-floor-laughing:

Now that everybody is here…lol…for those that are new(er) I’ve had a 75gal that I officially started in 2016, moved to the devil’s taint (Ft Lauderdale) in January 2019 for a job, always gotta follow the money, put the 75 in storage…2020…jobs in the D’s T were complete, and my contract was up, so we moved back to the real world…sort of :rolleyes:…current location Gulf Shores, AL…aka THE Red Neck Riviera (never really realized how true this statement was until we moved here :astonished-face:)(again, wish we still had the old emojis, because I’d much rather have the face palm emoji than the WOW emoji).

so, end of March, beginning of April 2020 I started pulling the 75 and all my equipment out of storage…oooh look pictures, finally :rolling-on-the-floor-laughing:… ladies close your eyes, I have wood in the following pics ;)

To be continued…
EDIT: I guess a new equipment list is in order…

Main Tank:
CDA 120 Starfire Tank
Bashsea 3618 Smart Series Sump
Bashsea Smart Series 5 gallon ATO Reservoir

RO Varios 6 Return Pump
RO 152s Skimmer
Maxspect XF -350 gyres x2
Finnex 500 watt Heaters x2

Reefi Labs Duo Extreme x2
Kessil H80 Fuge Light

Coral Vue Hydros Wave Engine
Coral Vue Control 2 with Wi-Fi power strip
AutoAqua Smart ATO Reservoir Level Controller

Coming Soon:
Hydros Control 4 and XP8
Hydros Wave Engine LE
RO Pulse4 Wavemakers

25 Lagoon
Innovative Marine Lagoon 25
Innovative Marine APS Stand
Advanced Acrylics 3 gallon Reservoir

Mighty Jet midsize Return Pump (538 gph)
RO Pulse2 Wavemaker
TopFin submersible Heater

Reefi Labs Uno

Coral Vue Hydros Wave Engine LE
AutoAqua Smart ATO Reservoir Level Controller
AutoAqua Smart ATO Lite auto top off

Coming Soon:
CV Hydros Control 2 ( move from Main Tank)
Upgrade Heater
Upgrade Return Pump (RO Varios2 if it fits)
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