Selecting Skimmer for 32 AIO FijiCube

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Sep 24, 2020
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Chicago, IL USA
I'm struggling to find a good skimmer for my new 32 gallon FijiCube AIO.

The protein skimmer refugium is 3.9"x 8.6".

First, I tried a Tunze. It fits, but the issue is you have to rotate the skimmer sideways, which means there is no way to use the magnets to attach the skimmer to the tank. The glass on the inside of the refugium is "doubled" between sections, so putting the magnet in between the sections doesn't work.

The option I just got was a FijiCube skimmer. It obviously fits, but I've had it for almost a month now and still struggle to break it in. It either pulls in water or nothing. You also have to remove the entire inner tube of the skimmer when emptying the skimmate cup. Very inconvenient and makes a mess. Not a huge fan of it.

Anyone have a FijiCube that found a skimmer that works?
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Mar 28, 2016
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Fairfield, CT
Though you may have to build a stand for it, I would take a serious look at the Aquamaxx WS-1. It has a 5.9x3.2 inch footprint. I ran an Aquamaxx HOB-1, which is just the hang on version of this skimmer and it is quite the capable skimmer design. Much better performance wise over so called “nano” skimmers IMO.


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