Selling ELOS 100 Custom Setup - Stamford


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Jul 3, 2019
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Due to personal circumstances, I will be leaving the hobby for the foreseeable future. I'd like to sell everything as a set rather than piece it out if possible, but I'm open to discussing other options. If you are serious and are considering buying this, please message me and we can make arrangements for you to check out the system + discuss pricing. Please only legitimate inquiries, I put quite a bit of effort and money into this system and I'd like for it to go into good hands. The tank has been running for roughly 10 months. I'll update this post with pictures asap, otherwise, you can refer to my build page for photos from a while back.

ELOS 100 Tank and Stand
Custom GeosReef Sump with built-in Clari-Sea
UltraReef UKS-180 Skimmer
Royal-Exclusive Return Pump
Tunze ATO

Tunze WaveBox

2x ATI Stratons with a custom wall mount
GHL Profilux Wifi mini controller (4 Socket powerbar)
GHL Doser SA 2.1
IM Helios 400w heater kit

TopLids custom lid
A large variety of dry goods etc.

LIVESTOCK: if you buy the setup, all the livestock and rock will be included (or whatever livestock remains at the time of purchase)
Just for ease of selling, the livestock will be $50 per animal. Message me to make livestock arrangements.

2x Longfin Mocha Storm Clowns
Golden Dwarf Moray
Black Tang (damaged dorsal fin, but he's a lovely fella and my personal favorite)
Japanese Swallowtail Angel
Bluethroat Fairy Wrasse
White-Spotted Pygmy Filefish
Yellow-Spotted Dwarf Scorpionfish
Banggai Cardinal
Derasa Clam
Various sm SPS colonies and frags
Goniopora sm colony
Med. sized Elegance
Sm. Duncan colony
Neon green hammer

Thank you for checking out this post, feel free to message me with any further questions!
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