Sick Clownfish???



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Jun 20, 2019
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Background: I have had this nuvo 10 up and running for about 1 year with no parasites/sickness on fish (that I know about). The only fish I had were a pair of snowflakes that were fine and never an issue. Fast forward to about friday, I received three clowns. They were in transit for an additional 4 hours, came in cold but in decent shape. Temp acclimated and dripped acclimated and everything seemed fine. I removed the snowflakes and put them in another tank and kept two of the new clowns in the nuvo 10 and the third buy itself in another tank. All good so far Clowns took to the new seemed to fight a little (dominance display like). Fastforward to yesterday one of the smaller clowns was hiding in the back of the rock work (not scratching or anything like that). Today was doing a water change to find that same clown on the on the ground, tried to save him couldn't.At this point I thought the female just so happened to chase the male out of the tank while the lid happened to be open. I then took the third clown that was separated and put him with the female (regret that). After sitting and looking at the tank I inspected the female closely and to me it seems she is duller, does not have the blue hue. I just fed her before posting this and she definitely is going for food which is good. I do not know if I am overreacting and the female just chased the male out and now I'm being crazy or what but I know may have a sick clown with what was a fine healthy clown mixed and I want your help. Going to overnight ship some meds (as I wish I had them with me before hand I know) getting: metroplex, copper power, methylene blue, and prazipro.

ALSO, the air bubbles closed nems were taken right after the water change

I talked to the seller and he's never had any issues with sickness in his tank and I trust him, I wonder if the stress from shipping/Cold is now catching up to them or again.....Im overthinking.

Any help would be great!


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Jan 15, 2021
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I think they look healthy. The fins are tucked in the videos, are they always tucked like that? Or do they extend out normally? I think the female is trying to push the other clown from her territory.

Aggressiveness between 2 clowns that haven't paired yet is normal, they are sorting out who will become the dominant one, this will take some time but will get better for sure. Make sure the Male is going for food.

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