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May 8, 2006
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Sponsor Spotlight

Today we want to spotlight one of the great sponsors of the R2R community. Community sponsors are important and are beneficial to the community in many ways. Some of which include bringing great reefing deals to the members, helping to keep the "proverbial" forum lights on, helping members learn and understand the keeping of saltwater reef aquariums and much more. We want to take time out a couple times a week to bring a spotlight to these sponsors who partner with us and our community to make it a wonderful place to learn and share!

As a thank you to our R2R sponsors please try to shop with them first as well as check out their websites often! See all of our sponsors here.

Please help me thank our newest sponsor spotlight recipient Aquaforest!



Aquaforest was established in 1995. Initially we manufactured substrates and aquatic plants fertilizers for zoos, Aquariums and professional plant farms. A couple of years after the launch we started our own aquatic plants, fish and corals farms. As our cultures grew, we realized that to expand further we needed our own sea salt, foods and supplements, as no supplier could match our requirements for the high quality products. And so our quest to create top-notch products for marine aquariums began. We started to invest heavily in research to create our own unique products. Our results were so good and the products that we created worked so well, that we decided we could no longer keep them to ourselves. We began to market them. At the beginning of 2011 we started the production of AQUAFOREST ™ products for retail customers. The entire range soon gained significant attention from shops and marine aquarists



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Apr 11, 2015
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Central Florida
I have been using Aquaforest for 5 years in my system. Probably the best line of products I have used in my long history of keeping saltwater systems.
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