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May 8, 2006
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Sponsor Spotlight

Today we want to spotlight one of the great sponsors of the R2R community. Community sponsors are important and are beneficial to the community in many ways. Some of which include bringing great reefing deals to the members, helping to keep the "proverbial" forum lights on, helping members learn and understand the keeping of saltwater reef aquariums and much more. We want to take time out a couple times a week to bring a spotlight to these sponsors who partner with us and our community to make it a wonderful place to learn and share!

As a thank you to our R2R sponsors please try to shop with them first as well as check out their websites often! See all of our sponsors here.

Please help me thank our newest sponsor spotlight recipient Aquanest Biotic!

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Aquanest Biotic was founded to fill a void we experienced as consumers and hobbyists ourselves in the pet antibiotic marketplace. We often found inconsistencies in many aspects; namely in quality, availability and price. Most concerning, we found widely varying amounts of measured product from batch to batch, as well as what seemed to be fake or watered down product in some cases. When dealing with the health and safety of your beloved pets, you undoubtedly need to be able to trust the accuracy and legitimacy of the product you’re using without question!
With years of combined experience in retail, wholesale and business development in many industries including coral aquaculture and reef tank service, we set out to build a trusted brand we’d be confident to use ourselves.
We spent over a year in the research and development stage making certain every aspect of the business was perfected prior to launch. From raw product acquisition, consistency in manufacturing process, lab and practical testing, to packaging and coordinating distribution, we made certain we’d have full confidence to have an amazing product to not only sell, but one we’d be confident to use ourselves. The products we offer are AT LEAST 99.8% pure and we will NEVER use any fillers, binders or additional chemicals.
We stand behind our products 100%. Shop with the confidence knowing we will offer a FULL money back guarantee if you aren’t satisfied!


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