Toy for Kids 2019 Christmas Drive! Let's make it happen!


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May 8, 2006
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It's Christmas time again and we are excited to announce our annual Toys For Kids Drive!

Official Giving Page: Toys For Kids 2019 - GoFundMe

UPDATE: GOFUNDME does not allow REWARD levels anymore so we will detail them here in this thread towards the bottom! You give and you get tickets to win prizes!

It's that time of year for giving and our members at love to give! If you are a seasoned veteran of REEF2REEF then you know we help unfortunate children get gifts, clothing and food at Christmas time. Every Christmas for the past 11 years we have had a toy donation drive and every year the members of R2R and the reefing community step up and give to make Christmas dreams come true! Last year alone we raised over $20,000 for toys, clothes and food for kids all over the world!

Being a pastor of a local church in my community gives us the platform to not only see the need around us but to be able to do something about it! We are able to make sure that all families are in need and that the kids really wouldn't have much for Christmas otherwise. We are able to buy all the gifts with no taxes because we are a non-profit at the church. That saves us hundreds of dollars every year.

We are also very excited to announce this year we are once again partnering with the GVM Orphanage. It's pretty amazing to us that we will be able to buy gifts for these children who are in this home for various reasons and who might not otherwise receive many or any gifts at all. So this is really going to be a difference maker!

Link to last year's drive: Click Here

Will you help us reach our goal this year? We can do it! There is nothing that makes you feel better than to give to someone in need. All the proceed go directly to the Toy Drive!

Goal is $15,000

I would LOVE for us to reach the goal of $15,000 again this year! We can do it! There is nothing that makes you feel better than to give to someone in need.

Give and Win: This year we are going to be offering prizes from some of our generous sponsors that can be won, by random draw to all those that are able to give. The following is a list of ticket entries you will receive for donating certain dollar amounts.

$10 - $24 = (1) Ticket (only one ticket will be given per person in this category to keep it fair)
$25 = (2) Tickets
$50 = (5) Tickets
$100 = (10) Tickets
$250 = (30)Tickets
$500 = (100) Tickets
$1000 = (250) Tickets


Here is a list of donors and prizes as of today which totals up to over $7000+ in prizes you can win!

Red Sea - Reefer DLX 250 Complete System - White $2335 Value

Bulk Reef Supply - Max NANO Complete Reef System - $1125 Value

Aquatic Life -
Aquatic Life X18 T5 HO Non-Dimmable 4-Lamp Hybrid Mounting System Fixture - Value $600

Top Shelf Aquatics - $500 TSA Gift Certificate $500 Value

Turbo's Aquatics
- THREE (3) $250 Turbo's Aquatics Gift Certificate $750 Value

Tunze USA - Tunze 9145 Skimmer - $596 Value

Premium Aquatics - (1) $500 Premium Aquatics Gift Certificate!

Reef Breeders - Photon 24-V2+ with brand new back of tank mounting arm included - Value $460

Octo Aquatics - $300 Octo Aquatics Gift Certificate

Noopsyche - (2) K7 Pro II 95W LED Lights Valued at $159 each (2 Winners)

Aquarium Specialty - BioTek Marine BTM3000 PAR Meter, 30 BioTek Marine Ceramic Frag Disks Natural (large), 30 BioTek Marine Ceramic Frag Mounts, 50 BioTek Marine Ceramic Frag Plugs - Value $230

- MRC® xSeries™ x5 Reactor - Value $250+

Neptune System - Sponsored Live Show

Possibly more prizes to come....

*Winners outside the US lower 48 will have to pay actual shipping for prizes.

GIVE and keep up with the progress, the prizes, and the recent donators here: Toys For Kids 2019 - GoFundMe

Huge thanks to the SPONSORS & MEMBERS OF REEF2REEF for making this possible!

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Nov 18, 2012
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Woot!!! My favorite thing we do all year!!
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Nov 18, 2012
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Ontario, California
Bumping this up!!! Lets keep it on top!!
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