Treating SPS like Bonsai Trees

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Feb 28, 2021
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Quite a while back a random frogspawn polyp came loose and landed directly on a purple stylo branch. It killed the stylo polyps closest to it and what was eventually left was a stark white spot. When a coworker asked me what would happen I said the stylo would grow flesh back over it and, more than likely, it would grow upwards into a new branch. Sure enough, that little white spot has grown into a nub and is heading upwards towards the light.

So this got me wondering if anyone plays around with coral growth patterns and manipulates them like a bonsai tree. What might be the best way to kill a very small area to stimulate growth like this? It's not like I'm going to purposely cut polyps off of euphyllia to make this happen.

Would it also be possible to use a slightly larger dead spot to try to graft a similar coral to the base piece? Maybe a purple stylo with a couple of green stylo branches.

I'm guessing for the most part we'd all agree that we wouldn't want to accidentally upset and kill an entire coral colony, but it still seems like an interesting concept.
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