Trigger fish and other deaths mysteriously



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Apr 15, 2021
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So, for the past 3 weeks, I’ve been losing fish left and right to something I couldn’t figure out or my lfs. I thought it was a bad case of ick but I was wrong. I’ve recently lost an Atlantic blue tang, A niger trigger, a blue jaw pair (these deaths were pretty spread out), a tomini tang and a sailfin. All of these additions went through quarantine and showed NO signs of ick or stress. Every single one of them has had the same marks as if something bit them on their sides. Woke up this morning to my niger trigger fighting for survival with a huge gash on his side, I quickly scooped him up and re quarantined him. He’s the first one I’ve been able to find alive and recover. He’s doing a lot better now but I’m fearing for my newer sailfin, it’s been all my meaty fish that are getting picked off and it’s worrying me that I may have a bobbit worm?. When we cycled our live rock my buddy found a couple pest in there but nothing big, I’m beginning to think something slipped by us. The tank is 4 months old now, all my other tanks are having zero issue.
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