Upgrades for JBJ 65

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Jun 29, 2021
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JBJ 65
New build and my first saltwater tank. Everything is stock right now, but I’ll upgrade over time. I’m a total novice, so all equipment must be beginner friendly (hence the AIO).
Whats everyone running for chem filtration? I know most people ditch the socks and get baskets/rack. Which ones are preffered?
As for skimmers, the Tunze 9004 doesn’t have great reviews, other options?
Are upgraded powerheads/wavemakers a must? Fish and super easy corals to start. So if I can put that stuff off till later, then can do more research.

And last but not least! Tell me all the things you wish someone would have told you at the beginning. For instance, I’ve been sitting here all morning googling lingo so I can decipher what half of these posts are about . Shoot me your very best “I should have known but didn’t” from the very beginning!

whats the go-to for maintenance/management apps? Gotta be for IOS? I don’t mind paying for one, but a free trial is a must!

Happy Reefing! Excited about this new adventure!
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