Uv sterilizer, test kits, pump, light, etc


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Jan 9, 2020
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Have a bunch of assorted dry goods I’m looking to sell.

Coral life uv sterilizer might need new bulb: $65
Refractometer: $10
Hydrometer: free if you buy Refractometer

MaxFlow SWP-480 barely used comes in new wrapping with everything: $15

Black Box Led with electronic display and remote: $60

Kordan pH increase 2/3 full, aquavitro eight.four 1/4 full, aquavitro fuel 1/2 full, API Algaefix almost full, Seachem Magnesium pretty much full, Seachem calcium also pretty much full, Kent Marine Tech M Magnesium 1/3 full. Also API reef master and saltwater master test kit pretty much tests everything. Take those all for $50.

392D426E-95F9-4D21-9151-034E858AD201.jpeg C0B1C30B-D8FA-4445-95AF-A7E53BA49D29.jpeg 85FAF745-7691-41EA-8409-DD987A300DDC.jpeg A1EFC4E3-1A79-4DC6-94B3-CD3B5E89371A.jpeg 7A4D3FDF-C4A7-4F9B-B984-85977EF50ED7.jpeg 875FF2D7-EAC2-4D40-BA78-592FF9891BC7.jpeg 113D7D99-B8B9-49EB-B453-339605DD2F21.jpeg 5C9A8093-9097-4584-9489-2ED9280F62F4.jpeg 3EB4AD86-E5D0-4947-8A04-16D0E3C3C265.jpeg A999531E-B6CF-4B79-8640-FF015367307B.jpeg CCAD00A2-8AFF-4B88-9A1A-CDA02E3DBAF1.jpeg
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